Published On: Tue, Aug 5th, 2003

Comic book reviews: ‘Star Wars Clone Wars’ ‘Silver Surfer 1’

Some comic book reviews from the slushpile

Star Wars: Clone Wars (The Defense of Kamino) – Need a “Star Wars” fix?

This isn’t too bad. SW comics are notoriously lame and have little to offer, especially compared to the novels. This is a tale gapping episodes two and three, in which there is an attack on the cloning factory on Kamino. Jedis Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker defends the Republic’s factory while Mace Windu deals with a Rebellion of his own. Some Jedis don’t want to partake in the war and Mace attempts to persuade them.

This storyline is more intriguing that the latter. A decent story, good art – very good by “Star Wars” standards.

Silver Surfer 1 marvel comicsSilver Surfer #1 relaunched with writer Dan Chariton and Stacy Weiss, art by Milx: I was never a huge Surfer fan, but Charitan and Weiss don’t focus on the hero but on a woman and her autistic daughter. The girl, Ellie, can’t return obvious feelings of affection and this causes a lot of pain as the Mother hopes of Ellie “returning” to our world. Ellie’s draws a mysterious silver alien, which are brilliantly brought to life by Milx, results in a unique interpretation of the character.

I enjoyed the mystery of the Surfer, Norrin Radd, who is simply an alien, not some larger-than-life superhero. I don’t know if the title will continue to be engaging, but it’s off to a good start.

Arrowsmith #1: Kurt Busiek takes us to 1915 and the Europe is at war. Prussia is rampaging across the countryside with its unstoppable army and fiery giants. The United States of Columbia has not joined the fight except for the Overseas Aero Corps. Fletcher Arrowsmith fights against his father’s wishes to join the war effort as he dreams of flight.

There are fantastic images of the soldiers, not superheroes, soaring through the air in the world full of magic. This is Busiek redefining history, not telling a fantasy comic, but bursts from the page with wonderful artwork. We will see where this tale goes in subsequent issues.

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