Published On: Tue, Apr 7th, 2015

Colorado religious freedom double standard revealed after ruling defends refusal of ‘anti-gay cake’

The battle over gay rights and religious freedom heated up Monday as conservatives and Christians pointed to a Colorado panel’s ruling in favor of three bakeries that refused to bake anti-gay cakes as evidence of a double standard.

The Colorado Civil Rights Commission rejected complaints filed by Castle Rock resident William Jack against three Denver businesses: Azucar Bakery, Gateaux and Le Bakery Sensual. All three after their owners refused to make cakes with Bible verses and images condemning homosexuality.

dont hate dont discrimminate baker refuse gay christian wedding cake“We commend the commission for reaching the right conclusion that these cake artists should not be forced to violate their conscience, but clearly the commission should have done the same for Jack Phillips,” stated Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Legal Counsel Jeremy Tedesco.

“The commission found that these three cake artists have the freedom to decline creating unique cake creations because the artists found the requests offensive, but all Americans should be alarmed that the same commission determined that Jack doesn’t have that same freedom. Like the other bakers, Jack happily serves all people but declines to use his artistic talents to create cakes that violate his conscience. The commission’s inconsistent rulings mean that the owners of these three cake shops may run them according to their beliefs, while Jack cannot. He risks losing his life-long business altogether if he continues to run it consistent with his faith. Such blatant religious discrimination has no place in our society.”

Phillips declined to create a cake for a gay wedding, citing his Christian faith.

“Taste the double standard: Colorado bakeries can refuse anti-gay cakes, but not gay wedding cakes,” said the conservative website Twitchy in a post.

“I find it offensive that the Colorado Civil Rights Division considers the baker’s claims that Bible verses were discriminatory as the reason for denying my claim,” Jack told 7NEWS on Saturday. “I find it offensive that the legal director of the Colorado division of the ACLU called the Bible verses on the cakes obscenities. Especially at this time on the church calendar — Holy Week — I find it offensive that the Bible is censored from the public arena.”

Azucar Bakery’s website is now offering for sale T-shirts with the message, “Because God Loves Everyone … Don’t Hate … let’s eat cake!”

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