Published On: Wed, Oct 16th, 2019

CNN whistleblower Cary Poarch is a Bernie Sanders supporter who captured network’s political and racial bias on camera

Undercover recordings made by an whistleblower capture CNN employees casually confirming the network’s anti-Trump bias and show company president Jeff Zucker telling top news executives to focus solely on impeachment, end civil friendships with South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham.

That whistleblower has been identified as Cary Poarch, a 2016 Bernie Sanders supporter, who was eager to work at CNN. He reportedly reached out to Project Veritas, volunteering to wear a hidden camera to capture the network’s astounding bias.

photo/ John Hain

“I came there thinking this was my dream job and it very quickly descended into a nightmare that gave me trouble sleeping every night because it contradicted what I originally thought,” Poarch said yesterday.

Project Veritas, whose founder, James O’Keefe, describes himself as a “guerrilla journalist” — built up the release on social media with an “#ExposeCNN” hashtag, and Monday published the first segment of what is billed as a multi-part series.

The video features Poarch capturing one of the meetings held by Zucker.

“I don’t care about the MSNBC event, OK? I don’t care about them. Let’s just stay very focused on impeachment,” Zucker says in the recording. “We shouldn’t just pretend, oh, this is going one way. And so all of these moves are toward impeachment.”

Poarch claims Zucker runs the daily meeting “with an iron fist” aimed directly at “hammering Trump” or “Republicans in general.” Poarch told O’Keefe that several high-powered CNN executives join Zucker on the daily call, including senior vice president of newsgathering Virginia Moseley and political director David Chalian.

“It’s basically me wanting the news to be what they used to be — news — and not infotainment or a game show or chasing the ratings,” Poarch told O’Keefe. “CNN purports it to be facts first and that’s clearly not the case.

“I noticed after… that there was a strong group-think that permeated through the halls and that everyone was on board the ‘I hate Trump Train.’”

The video also showed someone identified as a CNN media coordinator Nick Neville being secretly recorded.

“Jeff Zucker, basically the president of CNN, has a personal vendetta against Trump… it’s not gonna be positive for Trump. [Zucker] hates him. He’s going to be negative,” Neville said.

“They hate covering Trump all day,” Poarch said.

Christian Sierra is captured in a pair of clips discussing the racial bias at CNN, how they “don’t care” about black, gang violence, only interested if it was a mass shooting or was in Corey Booker’s district. Watch those below.

Poarch examines the network bias politically as well, the coverage of candidates in another video, confirming the network has no interest in covering lower tier candidates, such as Andrew Yang, Amy Klobuchar. Watch that clip as well.

In that clip, staff mocks Joe Biden rallies as boring, explaining why the network is interested in Trump coverage. They joke Biden rallies would make viewers change the channel and “are actually daycare.”

photo/Jinkies B

Full details from Cary’s GoFundMe:

My name is Cary Poarch and I am the insider who blew the whistle from within CNN. As you might expect, this was not a decision I made lightly. I considered quitting and just looking for a new place to work, but that seemed like the easy way out when exposed to what concerned me.
I was inspired to wear a hidden camera after I saw and heard information I believed the American people deserved to know, and saw the Facebook whistleblower from earlier this year. I reached out to Project Veritas and was provided a camera with which I recorded firsthand evidence of rampant bias across the network, and President of CNN Jeff Zucker’s personal vendetta against the President of the United States. I also recorded a number of longtime CNN employees, many of whom truly want to do their journalistic best, confessing that they are bothered by the bias and relentless drive for ratings that rule the network.
Other networks own their bias, but CNN portrays itself as middle of the road. I believe the American people deserve to know the true agenda of President Jeff Zucker so they understand what’s really going on behind the scenes at CNN and can make informed choices as consumers of media.
As a Bernie supporter in 2016, my goal in blowing the whistle was not to score a win for one side or the other. In fact, it was driven by disappointment. I landed what to me was a dream job as a contracted satellite uplink technician for CNN’s Washington, DC, bureau. Instead, I found myself bothered by one-sided coverage, a relentless drive for ratings over meaningful content, and the skewed judgment of a network president who prevents other stories from overtaking his vendetta against Trump.
At the same time that I embarked on this journey, I am starting another one. In a few months, I’ll become a father for the first time and am settling in a new state far from the Capitol. I hope to be able to continue the work that I enjoy doing, but I’m not sure if that will be the case or when. My concern now that I’ve fulfilled what I saw as my duty, is how I will care for and support the people that I love.
I’m asking for your help as I stare into a vast unknown and what it will entail, from the small things like basic moving costs to the potential for having one of the most powerful media corporations in the world coming after me. I did what I believed was the right thing to do.
To hear more of my story, please check it out here. If you are moved by what you’ve read here, or better informed for what I’ve uncovered, please donate here on my page. I intend to use this money to establish a baseline of financial stability for my family for the next year and face down any legal challenges I may be presented with.


Cary Poarch https://youtu.be/m7XZmugtLv4

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