Published On: Thu, Mar 8th, 2018

CNN exposes Facebook abortion ads in Africa which allows illegal pills to be sold, Catholics blamed

“Women who have abortions in Lesotho face being outcast from their communities, or arrested,” CNN stated in their shocking report on abortion and the purchase of illegal abortion pills via ads on Facebook.

CNN reports that it interviewed nine women between the ages of 17 and 30 in the small African country of Lesotho. These women procured abortion-inducing pills through ads they found on Facebook, despite the fact that the pills are illegal in the country.

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“A spokesperson for Lesotho’s Ministry of Health told CNN that illegal abortion procedures are a big problem in the country, where hospital admissions among women and girls (age 13 and older) due to abortion are 13%. And this data could be significantly underreported.”

“What we mostly see are women who are admitted to our health facilities with incomplete abortion(s),” Dr. Limpho Maile, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Health, said. “But without the patient disclosing that it was done illegally we cannot differentiate it from the normal patients needing this service due to miscarriages.”

The news outlet blamed religion.

“Religion is a big part of why abortion is taboo, and illegal, in Lesotho. According to an International Religious Freedom Report, 90% of the population identifies as Christian, and the Catholic Church remains a prominent part of the country’s culture.”

The shocking reality is the dangerous circumstances of the pills and the side effects, summarized by Life Site News.

“The pills failed to successfully abort the baby. So Mpho tried other pills procured through a friend, which led to her drifting in and out of consciousness and experiencing about four hours’ worth of bleeding, followed by coldness. Despite her boyfriend’s pleas, she refused to go to the hospital for fear of being prosecuted. Today, still unexamined, she fears the experience left her infertile.”

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