CNN biased against Ted Cruz in ‘Fact Check’ of Obamacare debate as they promote Bernie Sanders’ claims

Under the label of “Reality Check” CNN offered up their version of a FACT CHECK on Sens. Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz during their Obamacare Townhall debate. It won’t surprise President Trump supporters who see CNN as “fake news” that their analysis found all of the Cruz opinions FALSE, giving one of his statements of fact a true. Sanders received ALL TRUE, except for one remark on the data, which CNN qualifies. Read on to see the bias in their FACT CHECKING.

Take note of the ORDER and PLACEMENT of their analysis. Many readers will scan through the BEGINNING of an article, failing to completely read the entire post. Not acknowledging this was be bias in and of itself.

“The United States is the only major country on earth not to guarantee health care to all people as a right,” Sanders said.

Citing the 2014 World Health Organization report which stated “the USA is currently the only high-income country without nearly universal health-care coverage” Sanders got a TRUE.

So, let’s kick off the analysis with the Sanders talking point that America is the ONLY country without socialized medicine. We’ve never had socialized medicine and the government run medicare and medicaid are NOT shining examples of great health care.

Sanders said, “the overwhelming majority of the American people say, ‘Do not simply repeal the ACA, make improvements.’ “

CNN quotes some polls, but let’s be clear, Sanders is given a TRUE for 55% of people was some of Obamacare’s features and not a full repeal. Only 22% want a full repeal and a shocking 19% are happy with Obamacare.

Sanders’ is NOT offering IMPROVEMENTS to Obamacare, but a LARGER, more EXPANSIVE version, like Medicare.

Now we’ll get to the first Cruz test: “In the last 20 years, the FDA has approved only three child cancer drugs. In 20 years. Because the burdens are so great,” Cruz said.

Cruz is given a TRUE on the fact that only three drugs have been passed, but a FALSE for blaming the government. CNN quotes Dr. Otis Brawley, chief medical officer for the American Cancer Society. “It’s very difficult to make a profit.”

Yes, Cruz is FALSE for saying it was a “burden” and the refutation comes from a doctor pointing to profiteering as the problem NOT regulation or rules.

NOTE AGAIN, that is the ONLY TRUE Cruz gets from the CNN Reality Check.

“When you have 28 million people who have no health insurance, that’s rationing,” Sanders said. (they publish his longer rant)

Citing data from the National Health Interview Survey, 28.4 million Americans were uninsured in 2016, Sanders gets a TRUE.

The mandate worked? In fact, the uninsured data is flat over the last year or so after the initial drop.

Sanders went on to say that “one out of five Americans can’t afford the prescription drugs their doctors prescribe.” 

CNN notes that “That number is a little high” and gives Sanders a false. A little high?

“5.2% of Americans did not fill a prescription because they could not afford it” they detail, but Sanders says 1 in 5, which is 20%?!?!

photo Will O’Neill via Flickr

Even the Sanders FALSE got a disclaimer.

Cruz then attacks the “Affordable Care Act provision that requires employers with at least 50 full-time employees to offer health benefits” and how the number of  part-time workers has sky rocketed. I can’t defend Cruz here, he gets too complicated with his 29er and 49er story.

CNN points to some data, but fails to admit that the full Obamacare mandate on employers didn’t start until this year through 2020. The data from Labor shows the skyrocket part-time workers back when Obamacare was implemented. It has been on the decline, but it’s still way above the 2008 and earlier levels.

Cruz got a FALSE.

The finale of analysis is just awful.

“The average American family, your premiums have gone up $5,462. At the same time, the average deductible has gone up $5,000. For families that are struggling, you’re getting less coverage. You’re paying more for it and your deductibles are higher,” said Cruz.

After all sorts of data, most of which points to the rise in costs, CNN writes: “Obama administration expected 11.4 million people to be enrolled in Obamacare in 2017. Since Cruz was referring to employer-sponsored coverage, not Obamacare, we rate this claim as false.”

Obamacare has caused EVERYTHING to go up and CNN is clearly playing politics. The CNN report is NOT “fake news” but their overall coverage should be deemed FALSE.

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