Published On: Tue, Aug 20th, 2013

‘Cloverfield’ star Mike Vogel talks Stephen King, spoilers and a cliffhanger headed into ‘Under the Dome’ season 2

The adaptation of the Stephen King book Under the Dome has received mixed reviews by diehard fans, but appears to be garnering ratings for the show to continue.

Stephen King is involved with 'Under the Dome' says star Mike Vogel

Stephen King is involved with ‘Under the Dome’ says star Mike Vogel

Joining Breaking Bad star Dean Norris and Life Unexpected’s Britt Robertson, Mike Vogel has made a splash as the Army Vet Barbie, who has a mysterious past but has proved to be key to surviving inside the Dome.

Now talking with Digital Spy Vogel admits he didn’t read the book prior to the casting and discusses the fan backlash that King “sold out.”

“…it’s been an interesting thing, because there are a lot of fans of the book out there who have kind of said that the show’s very different from the book and Stephen King maybe sold out, and I think it’s quite evident that a) Stephen King doesn’t need to sell out to anyone, and b) he said it himself – if he could continue the story and develop it beyond what he was able to do in the book, that’s what this would be. To kind of have more time to develop something and take a longer trip with those characters – that’s what it would be.”

King has been very involved in the show, sending notes and collaborating to bring the show to life.

Vogel doesn’t speak to any spoilers or details but stated that “…most of the mysteries that we introduce in the first season will be wrapped up by the end of it. The beauty of it is that as they answer one thing, it kind of peels back the onion for something else. And we end the season in a great, great cliffhanger.”

He then explains the transition from introduction into the mystique of the second half of season 1 “…the second half of the season goes on – we mix that world with the sci-fi and the mystical of what’s happening with this dome. The dome becomes a much larger character itself in the second half of the season, and our cliffhanger at the end of it all brings both of those worlds together for a great season ending.”

Check out the full interview here

Under the Dome has been picked up for a second season, read more here

Mike Vogel says the story arcs of season one will wrap up, but offer new questions headed into season two

Mike Vogel says the story arcs of season one will wrap up, but offer new questions headed into season two

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