Published On: Tue, Aug 27th, 2019

Cloud-based tech: what’s the advantage to a business?

Cloud technology is truly taking the enterprise world by storm. According to one figure, nearly 90% of businesses are storing sensitive information in the cloud at the moment. With diverse advantages ranging from better security to ease of access, it’s not a challenge to see why the uptake is rising among cost-conscious, tech-savvy business leaders. With all of that in mind, this article will explore what the primary benefits of cloud technology are for a business leader – and why it’s a worthwhile investment if you’re considering spending some cash on your IT functions.

Ease of access

By far the best reason to consider investing in cloud systems is the way that it offers your employees ease of access to their workspaces. Take a cloud-based document storage system such as Google Drive. Users can log into this anywhere, which means that there is much less time wasted having to travel to the office or even just going to a specific file in order to find out something. In short, it’s much more efficient doing it this way rather than relying on a specific physical server – or, indeed, paper and files.

From an employee’s point of view, this can lead to increased morale. Working from home or on the commute to work is easier, and this means that the usual IT-related stresses are far reduced. From the employer’s perspective, productivity is increased as it means that employees can pick up urgent tasks as and when they need to.

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Security and safety

Cloud-based technology does not always have the best of reputations when it comes to security, and that’s because of a number of notorious data breaches that have occurred in recent years. However, it’s worth remembering that these rare events only get coverage because cloud tech is so relatively new: important papers and hard drives are burgled from company offices on a regular basis, and there’s hardly any coverage of that.

In fact, cloud technology is in many ways even safer for your important and sensitive company documents. You may find, for example, that your chosen cloud provider offers security functions such as two-step verification, which requires proof of identity on two separate devices, or that they provide Secure Information Management tools such as logs, which demonstrate who attempted to attack your system and when. And with high-profile cloud sector entrepreneurs including Charles Phillips leading innovative businesses with lots of clients, it’s clear that security solutions are a key priority both for existing customers and for cloud business leaders as the years go by.

Impact on resources

When making any sort of significant decision about the infrastructure required to run a business, it’s vital that a business leader thinks about the impact that their choice will have on the bottom line. Luckily for anyone who is choosing a cloud-based option, though, it’s easy to see a way to help yourself save cash. First off, it’s often possible if you choose a cloud product to go for what is known as “elastic pricing”, which means that the amount that you pay to the company will reduce if you don’t use it and increase if you do. That way, you’re getting maximum value for money.

Secondly, it’s easy to see the cost savings of using a cloud product. Often, it leads to a big reduction in the amount of paper used for the printing of documents. This is often due to a cultural change as employees begin to realize that they don’t need to have everything in physical form provided they have it on their computer or elsewhere – as well as the practical side of no longer having to file away documents! 

Single version of the truth

A lesser-known but still important aspect of switching to the cloud is the fact that it lets you see a single version of the truth about any aspect of your infrastructure. Many cloud functions come with document or file histories, so if you ever need to, you can see who has worked on it and when. In the event of an internal dispute about something, there will be a clear record – something that isn’t usually available if you are working entirely from paper. 

Cloud technology has had a large uptake in recent years, and there’s no doubting why this has happened. The direct cost savings of turning your back on physical printing all the time are enormous and valuable – and there’s also an advantage to you in terms of increased efficiency. Resourcing decisions are easier thanks to the dominant pricing structures. In short, there’s no reason not to go for a cloud solution if you are thinking about moving from one IT product package to another. 

Author: VJ Singh

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