Published On: Wed, Aug 18th, 2021

Cleaning Up Your Home After A Florida Tropical Storm

If you are a citizen of Florida, before a hurricane, you need to have protected your belongings, car, home, boat, and any belongings. A hurricane does a lot of damage, affecting your patio screen that has enclosed your furniture. The debris from the storm will tear and make holes on the patio screen; hence, it needs to be repaired after the hurricane. Such drawbacks that affect the screen make it become less attractive and appealing. And also, it might allow more debris and insects into your patio.

One problem with various homeowners in Florida is that they don’t know how many repairs on the patio screen can be properly repaired during tropical storm cleanup. If the server storm had caused such damages, there is no reason you should decide to postpone your repairs. Also, you need to remember that Florida experiences many storms, and you wouldn’t want to have additional damages. So, it’s obvious that many contractors would appear to work on needed repairs after the hurricane. It will take some time, but you can also get a faster-specialized patio screen repair service in Tampa if you’re lucky. Here’s a bit of everything that you should expect when repairing your patio screen and cleaning up after a hurricane.

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Inspection Of The Screen And Frame

After a hurricane, the first thing you should do to confirm that you need repairs on your patio screen is to inspect the extent of the damages. It will help you decide if the screen needs a total replacement or minor repairs. This is something that you do within a short period. Look if the screen frame looks bent in various places or if it requires a full repair.

You can be lucky if you find small damages that need patches. But if they are much larger, you should find a suitable patio screen repair service in Tampa Florida, to do a total replacement.

Repairing Of A Full Patio Screen After A Hurricane

If your patio screen needs minimal repairs after a hurricane, then you need to do the following. Ensure that you check the material type of the screen. It can be that of bronze, aluminum, or even fiberglass. If so, you can call for a patio screen repair service in Tampa Florida, and request for patch kits. For holes in a fiberglass screen patio, there’s a need to use instant glue. But for metal screens, it is suitable to use epoxy.

Professional technicians will begin with repairing huge tears that need a patch by cutting the hole at least 1.5”. They will then clear all the debris in this area because there’s a need to apply adhesives. It needs to be waterproof because there might be another storm coming. They will then finish patching it up before they let it dry. If the damage was extensive, then the whole replacement of the patio screen will be necessary. But the best advice from any patio screen repair service in Tampa, Florida is to wait until the hurricane season is over before you do a total replacement.

Repair Costs Of A Patio Screen

It’s obviously important to choose an efficient patio screen repair service in Tampa Florida, if you need to complete the repairs after a hurricane. This is not the only thing that you should carefully consider. You need to also check on the costs of repairs. If you call for professionals to handle everything in the patio screen repairs, then you should find a contractor who offers the best prices for their services. This would help you budget because the cleanup requires you to dig into your pockets when making several repairs.

The cost of patio screen repairs depends on various factors but on average; you might spend between $815-$5,338. However, there are greater deals from most teams that deal with patio screen repair service in Tampa Florida.

Hurricane Proofing

Since hurricanes are frequent in Florida, experts would advise you that after the repair services, you need to proactively come up with something that protects your patio screen more. Hurricanes tend to recur with wilder winds than before. Hence, you can effectively request hurricane-proof, which will offer extra protection for your home. If you need to install hurricane proofing, you need to contact your patio screen repair service in Tampa Florida, to get guidance on all information.

Why It’s Necessary To Get The Best Patio Screen Services?

In South Florida, you need to expect all challenges from a hurricane to affect the condition of the patio screen. Therefore, if you need it to last, then the repair services need to be of quality. The experts need to ensure that the patio screen maintains its value and withstands hurricane conditions for a long time. If not, then you can expect to dig deeper into your pockets every time there’s a hurricane in your area. Reliable services offer quality repairs; hence ensure that your patio screen design will also last. So, when you make that call to a company to patio experts, ensure that they are true and can offer a lasting solution.

In Conclusion

Screen patios are great. They ensure that your space is safe and comfortable. But when you are in Florida, then you have to care for it more. It’s not an easy task because of uncontrollable outdoor conditions. But you shouldn’t worry because, at a great repair cost, you can still maintain your screen or enclosure. It’s always the best choice during cleanup after a storm. Many people know the importance of cleaning up because of the different hazards which might affect them after a hurricane.

Thus, you don’t need to wait when such situations happen. It’s better to accomplish this immediately rather than wait and get extensive damages again, which are greater damages than what happened before. Also, remember to confirm the material first before you engage experts to repair your screen patio. This would be an effective way to maintain your budget after considerable damages caused by the storm.

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