Published On: Fri, Dec 20th, 2013

Clay Aiken proves he doesn’t understand free speech, Phil Robertson or prejudices

Even critics of Phil Robertson and his comments about homosexuality and blacks may have a difficult time defending the Clay Aiken response made on the Arsenio show. Aiken compares someone being against homosexuality to racism and mistreating someone with disabilities.

screenshot NBC Today Show

screenshot NBC Today Show

“I think it certainly shows that we’ve got a long way to go when it comes to people being accepting and understanding.” Aiken stated. “Homophobia, racism, all of it’s built out of fear, and if you grow up in an area like Louisiana and you’re not exposed to diversity, then you can be afraid of things.”

Aiken was born and raised in North Carolina, part of the original thirteen colonies and home to plantations long before Louisiana was even part of the Union.

“I think the thing that frustrates me the most is there have been people who have come out today and said, ‘It’s free speech. It’s free speech,'” Aiken continued, targeting Robertson’s free speech.

“I would ask them if the person had said something about interracial marriage, or said, ‘We need to put all children with disabilities in institutions,’ would we still be saying, ‘Well, that’s free speech, we’re okay with that opinion’? And I think the answer is ‘no.'”

The former American Idol contestant wasn’t done yet.

“There are certain things in society that we have become universally against: racism, obviously, is wrong,” he said. “The treatment of people with disabilities is wrong. But homophobia is one thing that we are still a little bit accepting of in certain areas.”

“I think it’s progress, we’ll get there, but times have changed enough and perceptions have changed enough in the time that I’ve even been in the public eye, that I think we’ve made a lot of progress.”

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  1. mic says:

    Maybe Clay can understand this! I refuse to by any of his Cds or singles and will not watch anything he does! No homophobia! its called a choice which is what homosexuality is a choice, or mental illness! take your pick!

  2. SK says:

    Aiken was spot on with his comments and insight.

    This article was ridiculous to the point it made me laugh out loud at the author’s ignorance.

  3. sadie holly says:

    I agree with Danny, the author does not understand what free speech is. Free speech is not getting arrested for what you say. What we have here is a discussion of company rights to fire someone. We have no idea what is in the contract of the duck dynasty cast. They may have limits on what they can say in interviews that reflect on the company.

    I expect the author needs to learn more about their topic before they judge someone else. Also a course in reading comprehension would not hurt the author.

  4. barb says:

    I totally agree with Mr. Aiken. The right of free speech is a great gift but if not used properly it can seem like ignorance or hate. There is always a way to use that right without degrading people, which Mr.Robertson did. Until there is acceptance and a realization that all people are “created equal”, then there will be no peace in this world. When a TV show becomes more important than the rights of people to live their lives as they were born to, it is exactly a realization that there is still a way to go to reach acceptance for all.

  5. Kathleen Lynch says:

    SO-what exactly are you trying to say in this article? How is attacking a person that spoke out against the ignorant words spoken by the jackass duck person helping? You should be APPALED at some of the shit spewing from the idiot duck persons mouth!

    1) Clay grew up in N.C. yes-that is true but as he has said about his own experience – small towns in the south have a different view of homosexuality. He wasn’t even 100% sure about his own sexuality until he left N.C. and went to L.A.

    2) He was not comparing what the jackass duck person said to racism and children w/ disabilities. What he said was- if he had said that about interracial marriage or about a kid who had special needs- the public outcry would have been much worse. Idiots like you would not be supporting him.

    3) what the jackass duck person said was just outright wrong….would you want what you do in your own bedroom with your wife or girlfriend (if anyone is stupid enough to be that) compared to bestiality and being a terrorist? How about being compared to that b/c you were born heterosexual and just happened to love someone of a different sex than you? I wouldn’t!!

    4) I am a white woman and I am not a lesbian, yes I am a fan of Clay Aiken but I have also spoken up when he was wrong-and I always will. This has LESS to do with Clay Aiken and homosexuality as it has to do with your ignorance and you having a platform to spread it.

    5) I hope you never have to be discriminated against, bullied, deal with bullshit like what comes out of ignorant asses like yourself. It’s mean, it’s hurtful and the fact that you decide to attack someone who spoke out about it instead of attacking the jackass that said the hurtful comments shows what is wrong with so many in this world.

    I hope you have a wonderful life away from mean and hateful people!!!

  6. Danny says:

    The Constitution guarantees your right to free speech. It does not protect you from the backlash once you shoot your mouth off. Clay was absolutely correct that hate speech is hate speech whether it is racist, ageist, sexist or homophobic.

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