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Cindy Morgan preps for MegaCon, talks ‘Caddyshack’ and ‘Tron’

Where would Cindy Morgan be if a few things had gone differently? The roles as Lacey Underall in “Caddyshack” and Lora/Yori in “Tron” have propelled the actress in fan circles and she is slated to appear at this weekend’s MegaCon in Orlando.

I was fortunate to speak to Cindy about some of her projects and the upcoming convention.

BRANDON JONES: So can you believe it’s been 30 years? “Caddyshack” was 1980, “Tron” 1982 and yet here you are, a week before MegaCon…fans are truly crazy about these two films and these characters…

CINDY MORGAN: Isn’t it great! Caddyshack is on one side, Tron on the other. It’s kinda like the old “Taste Great, Less Filling” debate. It’s so cool.

BBJ: How many people approach you about one of the roles and don’t even know about the other?

MORGAN: It’s not as common now. I remember moving the Tron stuff to one of the table, the Caddyshack stuff to other. They are pretty different.

BBJ: So Caddyshack was your first film and I’ve read how Harold Ramis pushed you, but how did he transform you into this praying mantis vixen Lacey Underall? What was it like off camera trying to still be Cindy Morgan?

MORGAN: Caddyshack was my first film and I’ll say that the end product was so completely different, it was originally about the caddies.

So at first, I had nothing to lose to audition. It was fun. All I did was focus on making the person sweat. Look ‘em in the eye, do that thing many woman know how to do….

They didn’t make it easy on me.

The real transformation came when producer John Peters sprung on me the night before that Playboy was coming to the set to shoot me and I said no. They came anyway and Peters said “You are f***ed in this business!” (for refusing to do the shoot) and my agent didn’t handle it.

From that moment on, Cindy Morgan was Lacey Underall.

BBJ: There is a classic line when Lacey is trying to get Ty (Chevy Chase) to crack…skinny skiing, bull fighting on acid – fans still quote that to you? Anyone asking you to add that to their autograph?

MORGAN: Yeah, I hear that a lot. My fans were 79% male, but now after “Tron:Legacy” it’s more even. You’d see the guys coming over to talk to Lacey Underall, but then they’d become that 14-year-old boy…it’s actually very sweet, charming.

BBJ: In one interview I read you were asked during the “Tron” call backs, The Disney VP I believe, he asked you what your political affiliations were. That’s so weird. I guess you get weird from all angles in the business.


MORGAN: Yeah, he asked me, I said “Don’t have any” and the things went on. It was my business. Interviewers sometimes get hung up on “feel a shirt” but that was the 70′s. No bra…get over it. (CORRECTION: In my innocence and reporting of the story – it is the FILA SHIRT, which the “most popular photo I sell” Ms. Morgan added, see photo at the very bottom)

BBJ: So the new “Tron” comes out and Disney included you in the the promotions. Any cool experiences?

MORGAN: It was wonderful. There was support for the characters, Disney included us and then the fan sites popped up which led to more press. It’s truly a case of a silver lining. (I) never would have known.

BBJ: Preparing to talk to you Cindy I wanted your thoughts on “Tron 3″ and I was shocked not just by the ‘Yori Lives Movement’ but how many fans are campaigning for you to get a cameo role in the next “Tron” film.

MORGAN: It’s a phenomenon, making me quietly smile. I did something right, you know?

There is a strong emotional relationship with the character. I was asked from Sweden why I wasn’t in “Tron”(Legacy)…It’s like you are family.

BBJ: Did “Legacy” live up to your expectations?

MORGAN: Interestingly, it included so many other movies, “Star Wars”, “2001″ and the special effects were a beautiful visual feast. It will be interesting to see where the story goes. People really love good stories and want to be a part of it.

BBJ: “Tron” is so much about family, so it seems fitting to see Lora/Yori return. With all of the fan sites and theories, any ideas struck you as being a ‘real good’ one.

MORGAN: A ghost machine…program – to take care of her son.

I have two big policies: no whining and respect Disney. It is what it is.

They (Disney) pay close attention to the Internet, using webcrawlers to get a report, so Disney responded to support and included me (on promotion for “Legacy”) and I’m appreciative of that.

BBJ: This character is pretty big to the mythology for most fans.

MORGAN: Let me tell you about a letteer from a Colonel in the military about Lacey and “Caddyshack”:


When you go into that dark place where there is no hope, it’s nice to know there’s somebody like you back home.

BBJ: Wow.

MORGAN: Yeah, wow.

“Caddyshack” touched people, so did “Tron”. “Caddyshack” is a lifestyle and “Tron” is more religious, spiritual, but both are very emotional responses.

BBJ: You also did a long list of TV shows, “Falcon Crest”, “Matlock”, “Fall Guy”, “Chips”, “Love Boat”, “Vegas”…you have to great stories, a great memory.

MORGAN: Oh, wow…there were so many.

When you play with the legend, you just stay focused, do your job. Later, when you’re done, it’ll hit you – It’s quite remarkable.

I remember telling my Dad about get the “Tron” role, ‘Dad, Dad, I’m going to make ‘x’ dollars…’ My Dad said: “That’s great Cyn, when you coming home?”

You have to try to leave it at work.

The Internet changed everything and you get perspectives from other parts of the world. It’s humbling and a big responsibility. People pay attention and you want to try to do your best.

BBJ: You’ve got to give me an update on the book (“From Catholic School to Caddyshack” coffee table book)

MORGAN: I’ve been partnering with editor of “Caddyshack” to bring 100′s of behind-the-scenes photos. I’d say we’re about 80% done…then it went to re-write, evolved into a second version which had a new perspective and now a third version as the page order changed to make it work.

BBJ: Lastly, you did an episode on one of my favorite shows from that timeframe: “Amazing Stories”. (Check out the episode ‘Hell Toupee’ here)


BBJ: This I didn’t know, it was directed by the great Irvin Kershner.

MORGAN: Lovely man.

I didn’t know who he was at first. I don’t want to research who I work with, I might be intimidated.

So, I read it and told him “I don’t understand”, he snapped a polaroid and said “That’s it!”

Without a doubt, the kindest and clear person to work with. He told me “You’re going to be great kid.”

(Kirschner was) remarkably talented, sweet and articulate.

BBJ: Well, Cindy, let me say that you have been all of  those things. I appreciate all of your time and look forward to seeing you at MegaCon.

The infamous “Fila Shirt” photo which I called the “Feel a shirt”. For those that don’t know, my naivete amused Ms. Morgan and she blessed me with an autographed copy of said photo and we shared a good laugh.


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