Published On: Tue, Aug 28th, 2018

Christopher Halajian Looks at Rona Smith’s Bid for State Assembly

Rona Smith is a resident of Southold, an educator, a businesswoman, and an advocate for affordable housing. Christopher Halajian, meanwhile, is incredibly pleased that she is now the nominee for the New York State Assembly. She was put forward by the Suffolk County Democratic Committee and will stand in the upcoming November election. The announcement was made on Monday and was received with great joy by both Southold and Mattiuck residents.

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Christopher Halajian on Rona Smith

Rona Smith is the Chair of the Housing Advisory Commission for Southold at present. Additionally, the is vice-chair of the Local Development Corporation and sits on the Economic Development Committee. She is one of the town’s favorite candidates, having excellent relationships with all important agencies, ranging from the police to drink and drug rehab centers. She is also regularly seen along every popular route and in every estate, connecting with local people.

Rona Smith is seen as accomplished, brave, and highly qualified. She is passionate and dedicated and she will do all she can to help the district’s residents. She has the proud support of all Southold Democrats, as well as of various independent candidates. She is loved because of her priorities, which are health care, education, and housing.

According to Christopher Halajan, Rona Smith is a true woman of the people. She was an English teacher in Queens but then received a federal grant so that she could study towards a master’s degree. This was followed by a Ph.D. fellowship, after which her son was born and then her daughter. In the late 1970s, significant budget cuts meant that she had to change her career. She found her new passion in real estate, first as a broker and then as an investor in renewal and rehab properties. Her emphasis was on multi-family housing and has first hand experience of how important it is that housing issues are resolved.

There is a tremendous need for affordable housing and this has an impact on the economy of the area as those with an education are moving away to different geographical areas. Thanks to Ms. Smith’s efforts, however, a new 50-unit multi-family complex is being constructed in Southold, which could transform the area.

Meanwhile, she has also been watching how the Affordable Care Act is being ripped to shreds by the Trump Administration. She is horrified at the fact that poor people are now once again scared to be sick. The safety net is diminishing and she is committed to fight this, while also working on the limited availability of mental health care and the opioid epidemic. This is something very close to her heart because she, herself, comes from a disadvantaged background and was once crippled by debt due to medical care. This is something she wants to stop from happening all over the country, as people never choose to become ill and not being able to afford healthcare only makes their lives more expensive and less productive.

Author: James Daniel

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