Published On: Thu, Feb 6th, 2020

Choosing a Real Estate Listing Agent to Capture the Best Deals

Home sellers; especially first time sellers, tend to make two-bit mistakes in their entire properly selling endeavors, and these are mainly out of a misconception they have about real estate sales as:

  • Highest every list price for the property, and
  • Lowest possible commission

It is entirely justifiable that the sellers always want things to happen this way, but these are completely irrelevant in the process of finding a competent agent to list the property on your behalf.

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Let’s explore why it is so and what to know about choosing an ideal listing agent, like details found in this guide from Follow Up Boss.

Highest list price

An agent; even if highly experienced and expert in real estate will not be able to tell you about the resale value of your house. The listing agent may ideally show you some comparable sales and deals in the past, pending sales listings, and the current sales. You choose a sales prices and it is the buyers who tells you whether your price is right to be acceptable or not. Based on the experience, an agent can only suggest a appropriate list price to the seller.

Beware of those who distort the facts

Even though agents cannot guarantee a selling price to the sellers, some tend to do so by distorting the truth, just to get deals. If you hear something of that sort, which may be too good to be true, you can ask the listing agents to show the numbers, stats, previous sales, etc. supporting the suggested price they put forth. While approaching a provider for selling your house in Nevada, and if the agent fails to show any believable stats supporting the figures in the recent past on at the neighborhood, it could be a real red flag.

Suitable agents may give you a range

When it comes to the selling of entities like real estate, there is always an ideal price range. The ranges may vary up to $10,000 at the low end vs. the highest possible at any given time. There are many variable factors too out there deciding this range as the location, market situations, and improvements.

Pricing real estate is an art.

Real estate is a skillful art and a good listing agent could be a mater in it. Based on the expert view, the top time to put forth offers is within the initial 30 days on the market. If the pricing is done rightly and realistically, you ought to get an offer. If the pricing is high, you may not get any show ups as buyers will just shun it and the seller will ultimately end up in cutting down the price, and the very next think buyers think is what is wrong with this property.

All real estate agents are not the same. There may be unique advantages and disadvantages for each. However, once on doing a thorough research you can find there are the top 10% of the agents doing more than 90% of the total real estate business. Each of these has their own marketing strategies and budget. Your eye should not be just on the commission but to the factors like which provider has a more prominent marketing budget, who has better reach, and which one has a history of shortest closures to rely on.

Author: Charlie Brown

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