Published On: Tue, Dec 18th, 2018

Choose the right garage size for you

An issue that still causes a lot of problems in homes across the UK is choosing the right garage size for you and your needs. It seems like a fairly obvious task, but there are a number of factors you need to consider when choosing – factors which some homeowners can’t seem to get around.

To help you choose the perfect garage size, here are the issues you may face and how to resolve them.

Dencroft Garages provide a wide range of garage sizes to store your car and any other items that you need to keep in there. If you’re looking for a top-quality concrete garage, this is the company for you.

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Cars are getting bigger

The real question here is – are cars getting bigger or are garages getting smaller? It’s a bit of both.

If you put an old Mini Cooper next to a new model, the size of the new one is significantly bigger, which often makes you think cars are generally getting bigger. Think about it – how many times have you pulled in to a parking space and thought ‘That’s tight’?

With space at a premium at homes, builders are being accused of building garages that aren’t fit for purpose because they often aren’t even big enough to fit your average sized family car in there.

Your car is the most determining factor when deciding the size of your garage. But the way to avoid this is to invest in a garage that is more than big enough to fit your car(s) inside.


To make things easier for yourself and the builders, write a list of everything that will be in the garage and work from that. By creating this list, you will be able to figure out whether you need additional storage units such as cabinets or shelving – both of which need to be taken in to account.

Adding extra space allows more room for organisation. Adding an extra few feet to the length and width of a garage creates a lot more room than you may think. Those few inches create space for shelving, cabinets, a workbench, hooks – pretty much every organisation tool you can think of.

If you need any organisation tips to help you save space in your garage, this article from the team over at ABi Garage Doors Rotherham will help.

Walking space

It’s important to have space to get around in your garage – there is no point in having all your things in there if you can’t get to them.

A good way to measure how much space you need is to go to an open space, park your car, open the doors and place all your other items around the vehicles where you’d want them to be. Leave around 4-feet of space to walk around the vehicle and then measure the dimensions.

Not only will this help you get around your garage freely, but accident free too – a cramped, messy garage can be extremely dangerous and can lead to serious injuries and cause damage to your items.

Author: Joana Green

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