Published On: Wed, May 29th, 2013

Child, age 6, brings tiny LEGO gun on school bus, gets detention and has to write an apology

A Massachusetts kindergartner sparked “panic” on his school bus when he brought a plastic Lego gun, the size of a quarter, on board as school officials reacted drastically and eventually sent the child to detention.

UPDATE: The kindergartener can breathe easy. The 6-year-old no longer has to serve detention for bringing a plastic Lego-sized gun on his school bus, WGGB reports.

“He smiled when we told him, he was very excited when we told him he didn’t have to serve the detention,” Mieke Crane, the boy’s mother, said.

The bus driver was told about the tiny fake gun and brought the vehicle to a sudden stop.

Lego gun toy bus child detentionNotes were sent home to parents detailing what had happened. They explained that there was no actual weapon on the bus and that the students were never in any danger.

The boy’s mom, Mieke Crane, says the school has overreacted. She says her son knows guns are dangerous, and she never even considered his toy as a weapon.

“[The driver] said he caused quite a disturbance on the bus and that the children were traumatized,” Crane told the local station WGGB.

The boy, age 6, was given detention and forced by his teachers at Old Mill Pond Elementary School, in Palmer, to write a letter of apology to all those affected.

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  1. How gun control advocates make society a much more dangerous place to live. says:

    […] very nature, vilify guns to the extent that even the hint of a gun causes hysteria. For example: Child, age 6, brings tiny LEGO gun on school bus, gets detention and has to write an apology With over 300 million guns in the US, guns will not be going away within our lifetime or your […]

    • jimmy says:

      Totally ridiculous, the bus driver said he, the child caused a disturbance and traumatized the other children. Really what a jackass how about the kid is 6 years old and your the one who caused the disturbance and traumatized people by your over reaction but I’m glad you can blame a child for your actions and that the school district is more than happy to let that happen. What is wrong with people.

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