Published On: Fri, Dec 14th, 2018

Chernobyl tours: be ready for the most extraordinary trip

Events that will remain in memory forever

Impressing the whole world with its huge scale and terrible consequences, the Chernobyl disaster shocked the whole world. Radiation has affected the vast territories of Ukraine and neighboring countries, such as Russia and Belarus. Radioactive rains were observed even in the remote parts of Europe and some parts of the United States of America. During those times, an ordinary person could not even know what kind of consequences such catastrophe may cause and what kind of tragic events may be associated with the negligent action of workers on a nuclear power plant of the same type as the Chernobyl one. And although after an explosion of the Chernobyl NPP, safety issues at similar plants have been improved, the events of 1986 will not be erased from the history and the memory of thousands of people.

Uniqueness of the exclusion zone and popularity of Chernobyl tours

Today, the radiation of the 30-kilometer area, which was formed as a result of terrible events, has declined and in most areas, the radiation levels are permissible for a long staying of people. And even if the exclusion zone is not suitable for living yet, it is absolutely safe for tourism.

The uniqueness of the zone is the fact of human non-intervention, which has led to the rapid development of the animal and plant world that amaze with the species listed in the Red Book. Also, the place is impressive for tourists by its silence and calmness. Chernobyl and Pripyat, due to their mysterious and extreme atmosphere, are considered to be the most extraordinary and attractive destinations for a tourist, who seeks special and unusual places and who is ready to open a new world. The exclusion zone is like a magnet for those, who love mystery, and want to feel historical and, at the same time, creepy atmosphere of the cities abandoned by people a long time ago.

Throughout the year, tourists have an opportunity to use the services of agencies that offer Chernobyl tours. One of such agencies is Go2Chernobyl. Professionals, while developing tours, took into account the safety, comfort, and every attraction that can be interesting to guests of the exclusion zone.

Types of Chernobyl tours and what do they include:

  • the one-day excursion includes 25 most popular locations of the zone, English-speaking guides that meet your information needs, and an opportunity to make breathtaking pictures;
  • two-day excursion with an opportunity to spend a night in the hotel of Chernobyl and visit Soviet secret objects, such as DUGA, designed to detect launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles during Cold War; two days of staying in the exclusion zone is an opportunity to see more;
  • individual excursion allows visiting the Chernobyl NPP from the inside and makes possible to stay in the zone for up to 5 days.

Go2Chernobyl is an agency that proposes access to the information that is not available on the Internet, an opportunity to feel the atmosphere of the Soviet Union, guarantees of safety, comfort and unforgettable emotions.

Do not miss a unique opportunity to go on the Chernobyl tours, as it can be a trip of your whole life, which you will never forget.

Author: John Collins

Bio: John Collins is an experienced outstanding writer of his niche that takes the inspiration from his wonderful journeys. He is a loving father of two kids and a reliable husband.

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