Published On: Mon, Oct 22nd, 2018

Check People and Beyond: Why The Internet is So Vital For Your Offline Business

The fact that the internet has changed the world is not something that people are not aware of but it is something that many have failed to adapt to. In particular we are speaking today about business owners who run a company which doesn’t necessarily need the internet in order to function. Despite the internet not being needed for the business to operate, it is an absolutely essential tool which all business owners should use and if you have a small business which isn’t using the web, here is why it is so vital that you do.


Check People

Great employees are at the heart of any great business so it makes sense to invest as much time as you can into recruitment, to ensure that you get it right first time when hiring new staff. Of course you can quite easily run a legal background check to make sure that they have no criminal history, but what about looking deeper into who this person really is? Through the use of the internet you can very easily check people to see what kind of stuff they have posted online, what kind of things they have been involved in and get a far better idea of what kind of character your applicant has.


Whether you operate online or not you an bet your bottom dollar that people are speaking about you online and shaping your reputation. On Google alone you will probably find a huge number of reviews about your company, and a single negative review can do a great deal fo damage. In being active on these review sites you can comment any positive and negative review which will ultimately help your reputation. Let’s say that someone has an issue and they need a refund, if you are not interacting with these people then you will end up losing customers. Many people also try to scam companies by leaving bad reviews based on nothing, just to bring down your reputation, wouldn’t you rather be on the front foot to deal with these people?


If you take a look at the business stats on the Better Business Bureau website (BBB) you will see very quickly that we live in a world where there are more businesses active than ever before. This huge amount of competition means that you should be doing all that you can to make your business stand out, and marketing is the single best way to do that.  Traditional forms of marketing are something which is dying out because the internet has given birth to a whole new range of ways in which we can market our businesses and our products to customers, with far more success. Through using the likes of social media and an SEO strategy, you can reach a huge range of new customers for your business, regardless of the fact that it isn’t online.

Author: James Daniel

photo/ Gerd Altmann

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