Published On: Fri, Sep 1st, 2017

Channing Tatum, Amazon offer up ‘Comrade Detective’: a disgusting rebranding of Communist Romania for their snowflake audience

After a brief introduction by Channing Tatum and author Jon Ronson, Comrade Detective is presented as dusted off, recently unearthed archival treasure of Cold War propaganda, but was actually created by Brian Gatewood and Alex Tanaka, with director Rhys Thomas. The project is likened to Red Dawn and Rocky IV (the pro-America Cold War propaganda classics) and billed as Romania’s version.

The six-episode cop drama is filmed with Romanian actors with all of their dialogue dubbed with the vocal talents of an all-star cast: Tatum and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (dubbing for actors Florin Piersic Jr. and Corneliu Ulici) star as the loyal Communist cops; other voices include Jenny Slate, Jason Mantzoukas, Nick Offerman, Mahershala Ali, Chloë Sevigny, Jerrod Carmichael, and Fred Armisen.

Within in minutes of the first episode, the message is clear: Communism is great, America is awful and the conspiracy theories of the 80’s coming reeling back: Detroit was taken down by the CIA drug deals to destroy black America and the Communists were as worried about their citizens as America was during the Cold War.

“We want money,” the drug dealer yells back at the abusive cop, who responds “For what? All your needs are taken care of. Healthcare, education, food…and you still want more?”

Yes, that is just the first few minutes of the first episode.

It took a second to realize this is a joke….just not a funny joke.

After blathering nonsense about filming after President Trump won the election and comparisons to George Oswell, in the Vanity Fair article:, Tatum suggests that while Comrade Detective does open up a thoughtful discussion on propaganda, at heart, it really is a comedy: “There’s a lot going on way underneath it, but on top there’s just entertainment . . . I’m thinking of ‘Make ‘Em Laugh,’” the classic Singin’ in the Rainsong his co-star Gordon-Levitt memorably performed on Saturday Night Live. “You gotta make ‘em laugh, and make people listen, and keep them entertained . . . [and] I just really wanted to do a TV show that showcased the fashion in Romania in the ’80s.”

Gordon-Levitt addresses the alleged “controversy” noting the film mocks both sides and he believes the issues is “tribalism.”

The moral equivalence of Communism and Capitalism is disgusting and shouldn’t be surprising that many cannot even see it.

So even Wikipedia notes that between 60,000 and 300,000 we murdered by the Romanian communists – a bit more factual than the CIA drug conspiracy.

But to Tatum and the Hollywood elites, we believe what we believe because of our birth place, a lottery of chance, NOT an evaluation on systems which don’t murder millions and oppress all of the values they claim to hold so high: freedom of speech, freedom of religion, women’s rights etc…

“We’re with two characters that believe their country is right and their enemies are immoral, which goes to show how propaganda can work,” said Gordon-Levitt, adding in the THR article, “We often assign blame to the other, and it’s often not that simple.”

If these knuckleheads read history books and not relied on Stallone for the Cold War facts, they would understand the militant nature of the communist regimes, not cracking jokes, but watching censored televsion and endure Practica agricola, which wasn’t the typical communist “share the burden equally” stuff, but slave labor.

In an account published by The Economist: “Romanians had nothing to live on. Gas, electricity and water were rationed, and soon there was no longer any central heating; in winter the average temperature inside a Bucharest apartment dropped to eight degrees. ”

“Food became scarcer too; at first it was just meat, but later it became harder to find basics like bread, milk, sugar and oil. People lined up for 12 hours to buy food, and many still remember living on bones and frozen fish. Romanians forgot what life was like when they had enough to eat, or were free to say what they wanted. People were threatened for simply whispering their unhappiness.”

Where is that in Comrade Detective?

It is not.

The tasteless cop drama sends the message to 2017 snowflakes that life in Romania during the Cold War was essentially The Streets of San Francisco – these people are just different. Communists are just like you and me…don’t you see that kids?

Sex scenes, cigarettes and profanity are the components of Tatum’s Communist Romania – NOT the truth.

Maybe next we can get a Docu-drama on the NICE Nazi who were just trying to pay the bills while gassing homosexuals and experimenting on the Jews.

Comrade Detective does address propaganda…it reveals how Hollywood will eagerly re-write the horrors of the past to make socialism, communism, liberalism and leftist ideology look moral balanced against freedom, America, democracy and the U.S. Constitution.


Waiting in line for cooking oil in Bucharest — Communist Romania in 1986.
Scott Edelman (an employee of the US State Department and currently an instructor at the US Air Force Academy) took this photo while he was posted in Romania during the mid-1980’s.



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  1. Mike Mayes says:

    Marxism has been harmless for everyone except villagers, landowners, homosexuals, Cossacks, native Americans, political prisoners, union members, and the religious. And of these, only 85 million or so were killed (“Communism at ‘Peace'”). Why not laugh!

  2. Mike Mayes says:

    Marxism has been harmless for everyone except villagers, landowners, homosexuals, Cossacks, native Americans, political prisoners, union members, and the religious. And of these, only 85 million or so were killed (ref: communiststats.com ). Why not laugh!

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