Published On: Thu, Dec 8th, 2016

Changes You Can Make Today to Lower Your Risk of Cancer

Whether you are concerned about your risk of cancer due to family history, doctor’s concerns or even because you want to safeguard your health, there are things that can be done to make it less likely that cancer becomes a part of your future. Some locations have cleaner air, access to fresher food sources and generally promote a better standard of living, but moving is not something that can always be easily done. Likewise, taking steps to boost your natural defenses can be helpful if you are not already taking strides. Abusers of alcohol, street drugs and prescriptions drugs should go to alcohol rehab, drug recovery and benzo detox centers to flush all cancer causing agents out of their systems.

Image/National Cancer Institute

Image/National Cancer Institute

Exercise More To Reduce Risk of Cancer

Exercising more might not reduce your risk of cancer after participating in a handful of workout sessions, but if you add exercise into your life on a more permanent basis, your risk will be reduced. Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore, so you won’t need to purchase expensive equipment or change your work schedule in order to add this cancer risk reducing tool to your routine. Briskly walking a few times a week will make your cancer risk level drop. As you exercise more you will lose weight and reduce your body fat percentage, making you a less likely target for cancer.

Stay Smoke and Tobacco Free

If you don’t smoke or use smokeless tobacco, you can always go a step further in keeping tobacco far away from your body. Wearing a face mask in public is one way that people wanting to reduce their risk of cancer have accomplished this goal. You can stay away from people that smoke in social situations as well. For smokers, the most obvious answer is just to quit. If you quit smoking, you reduce your risk of cancer the longer that you go without tobacco.

Eliminate Chemicals and Drugs From Your Environment

Over the counter medications are safe and necessary for managing minor illnesses. Household cleaners, commercial chemicals and even the environment itself can lead to people developing cancer. Additionally, consuming alcohol and drugs also can increase the risk of cancer developing.  When chemicals interact in the body, dangerous things like cancer can result. Living a holistic life not only reduces your risk of cancer, it makes your body stronger. If you have a strong immune system, illnesses like cancer don’t have as easy of a means to take hold. Eliminating chemicals and drugs from your life can help to reduce the risk of cancer.

Cancer occurred even in ancient history, so you can only do what you can to reduce and manage the risk factors you may have in your life. Certainly taking action that will reduce your risk of developing cancer later on can make you healthier overall, but screening is just as vital as prevention. There are many ways to treat cancer when it is noticed by patients and reported to their doctors quickly. By knowing what your cancer risk factors are, you can lessen them by huge proportions.

Author: Carol Trehearn

US Army Flickr photo

US Army Flickr photo

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