Published On: Wed, Jun 29th, 2022

CEO Chad Price Explains The Reasons MAKO Medical Laboratories is a Well-Trusted Healthcare and Testing Brand

Almost a decade ago, Josh Arant, my brother and I had the seed of an idea — we wanted to start a new type of medical testing brand. The success that we have enjoyed over the years has astounded all of us. However, we have never once taken this for granted. Without our loyal client base, we would not be where we are today. Within this article, I will be sharing why thousands of customers trust our brand as a leader in healthcare testing.

Accuracy, Transparency, and Speed 

When we first started MAKO Medical Laboratories back in 2014, our vision was strong. Having witnessed the frustration that existing testing services caused, we wanted to disrupt the sector. Offering accurate, transparent, and quick services was the aim of the game. I am proud to say that these are areas in which we excel at every feat. 

One of the major things that sets the MAKO Medical Laboratories brand apart from the crowd is the service we offer clients. Customers no longer have to worry about waiting for their results or fret over their accuracy. When they choose to use our services, they can expect nothing short of the top-notch experience. That means 100% clarity along the way, all the information they need to put their mind at rest, and speedy, easy-to-access results.


Featured in Leading Media Outlets

Since we launched the company, MAKO Medical Laboratories has been recognized by some of the world’s leading media outlets. Our research and results have been noted in a variety of publications, including consumer magazines and also medical journals. Information is power — especially when we’re in the midst of a pandemic. As we have direct access to the latest information and findings, we have a duty to share that. 

We work hand-in-hand with experts all over the globe and our name has been mentioned across many different channels. The MAKO Medical Laboratories brand has been featured on TV and even used as a case study in national conferences. We are proud to offer up game-changing insights to the public so that we can all better understand our health. 

Recognized by Numerous Awards 

The work we do at MAKO Medical Laboratories would be meaningful even if we were never recognized for it. However, it just so happens that many boards and foundations have noticed our efforts over the years. The accolades we have received include the Triangle Business Journal’s Life Sciences Award and the Health Care Heroes Award. We have spent three years in the top spot as The Fastest Growing Company in the Triangle.

The fact that we have been honored with over 12 major awards shows that we are doing something right. As I have already stated, we started the business to change the way that the sector works. Since we have always stayed true to our values from the offset, we have gained a reputation as one of the leading and most-trusted companies in healthcare. Supported by our team of medical experts, we will continue in this vein going forward. 

In-Network for Major Insurance Companies 

We believe in collaborative working and giving as many people as possible access to accurate testing. That’s why we are in-network with most of the major insurance companies across the United States. This move has allowed us to better serve a whole host of clients all over the country. Enhancing the lives of people in the wider community has always been a top priority for the MAKO Medical Laboratories brand. Thanks to the strategic collaborations we have set up over the years, that has never been more possible. 

As if that weren’t enough, our company is also credentialed in 50 states. We have worked hard to make sure that we can offer a whole variety of people our services when they need them the most. Over the last eight years, the laboratories have grown to accommodate the growing demands for testing and research. Of course, when the COVID-19 pandemic started back in 2020, there was a surge in the need for efficient testing and research. At that point, I made the landmark decision to expand both the MAKO staff and premises. 

The Latest Technology and Innovations 

Working in the medical field means always staying one step ahead. At MAKO Medical Laboratories, we don’t settle for anything less than the best. Using cutting-edge technology, we have been able to develop the latest custom tests for our clients. That means that the people who use our services can expect the most accurate and detailed results they can get. Since the world of healthcare is continuously catapulting forward, our team of experts understand the importance of keeping our collective finger on the pulse. 

In recent years, the MAKO Medical Laboratories brand has partnered with other technologically advanced businesses. These associations have allowed us to have access to a wealth of resources that we use in our testing laboratories. Our brand stands for trust and we can only deliver that thanks to the working relationships we have established with other businesses. In the future, we will continue to create these invaluable partnerships. 


Without our loyal customers, MAKO Medical Laboratories would not exist as it is today. For that reason, our team continuously works to offer the highest level of service to all. We are endlessly grateful for the support that we have received — both from clients and experts. 

About Mako Medical and Chad Price 

Headed up by an expert team of nationally recognized doctors specializing in methodology development and pathological services, Mako Medical is a game-changing healthcare brand. The business was founded in 2014 by Chad Price, Adam Price, and Josh Arant, who wanted to transform the sector. The established company is now an industry leader showing how laboratories should both patients and healthcare professionals.

Chad Price is a well-known entrepreneur who previously co-founded BrideGenie and founded Element Services Group Mechanical LLC. He was also involved in starting Cary Reconstruction, and is a board member for Trill A.I. The professional currently offers consulting services to companies embarking on new mergers or primed for growth. 


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