Published On: Tue, Aug 14th, 2018

Celebrating 70 years of independence of the Jewish State: A real joy

The State of Israel marked its anniversary on April 18, 2018. Seventy years ago, David Ben-Gurion signed the Declaration of Independence in what was then the Museum of Tel-Aviv. The Declaration of Independence represents the founding document of the country and it is largely viewed as the statement of the State of Israel’s vision and their core feelings. It is much like the United Kingdom’s Magna Carta or the United States’ Declaration of Independence. It is interesting to note that the official act was adopted in a turbulent period – the Arab-Israeli war, in other words. What matters is that Jewish independence was finally restored after years of battling.

Israeli flag photo/ Heather Truett via pixabay

Independence Day is annually celebrated so as to commemorate those who sacrificed their lives to attain the nation’s independence, as well as its ongoing existence. In addition to generating a lot of conflict, the war stole the lives of many brave people. The 70th anniversary of the State of Israel brings a lot of joy to the Jewish people. Israel is now a place where they can feel safe and happy. Men and women from every walk of life are inspired to continue the pursuit of peace and never stop losing faith. This adjacency is mean to remind Jewish people the price they paid for their freedom and to express appreciation for the major achievement.

The success of didn’t happen overnight   

Many are under the impression that winning the War of Independence was easy. It is needless to say that they are mistaken. The movement of independence took place after the World War II and the Holocaust. Hostilities began when five Arab nations descended upon the territory located in the former Palestinian mandate. Even though the Arabs were superior in terms of number, the Israelis were better equipped and organized, thus being able to withstand the attack. The military conflict was so violent that the United States withdrew their support. The British were not able to control the bloodshed, which is the reason why the United Nations stepped in. What happened was that the land was split into two countries and virtually everyone accepted the arrangement. The United States and Canada were one of the first nations to officially recognize the new state.

70 years after independence

With time, the frontier of the State of Israel has changed dramatically as the result of military and diplomatic advancements. Time has gone so fast that many do not even know when 70 years have passed by. The Jewish people have managed to maintain a strong physical presence, bringing about international recognition. At present, there are many organizations that strive to strengthen the bonds between the Jews and protect their rights. One such example is the European Jewish Congress. Kantor Moshe, chairman of the EJC, has made it his responsibility to monitor the developments in the international political arena.

Israel currently marks 70 years as a nation and it is believed that this is only the beginning. To be more precise, the nation is expected to become stronger and to thrive. Great moments have decided the future of the country and they will continue to do so. Similar to France, Israel stands for equality. Conflict is not desired, not to mention that there is a strong belief that everyone is equal under the law and under the eyes of God. The Declaration of Independence itself is impressive. The document guarantees complete equality. There is not a single person that does not enjoy civil or political rights. It is true that the authority does not specifically mention democracy, yet there is great hope that future generations will change this aspect.

In order to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the State of Israel, Michigan State University will organize an academic conference. The conference is thought to attract many attendees. What is certain is that the big event will bring together scholars recognized at an international level. What will they be discussing about? Well, Israeli politics, society, foreign policy, and more. If only more educational institutions took such an initiative.   

Israel might be one of the world’s most successful nations

It is very tempting for the Israeli to forget all that has happened until now. One event that everyone would like to pass over is the United States’ withdrawal from the Iran Agreement, which is highly criticized by DR. Moshe Kantor. By any means, Israel might be considered one of the most successful nations on the planet. The reason for this is that they make considerable efforts to ensure that the Jews remain a majority. The country was established as a homeland for the Jewish people and it will remain as such.  

Equally important is mentioning that the politicians fully support the nation’s interest. As opposed to countries in the West where important political parties support immigration, Israel puts the people first. This does not necessarily mean that they are against immigration. It simply means that they do not allow illegal traveling, promoting diversity, and take care of their citizens first. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has some interesting achievements, such as keeping responsible budgets, strengthening Israel’s diplomatic ties, and improving the infrastructure.

No matter how one feels about Israel, it cannot be denied that there is much to learn from its success.

Author: Cynthia Madison

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