Published On: Wed, Apr 29th, 2020

CBD Tincture: What’s in the Bottle?

CBD is a huge craze in today’s society. It has become very popular in treating many bodily ailments. So for many people who hear of CBD for the first time they start asking questions. 

The words CBD tincture is a common search result or topic of discussion among friends. So what is a CBD tincture and what’s in the bottle?

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What is a Tincture?

Tinctures have been used for thousands of years. A tincture is simply a natural blend of oils removed from plant material.

In the case of CBD tinctures the tincture is derived from the hemp plant. How those oils are removed vary.. But typically a plant material is either soaked in food grade alcohol or by using a gas under pressure. 

Many companies follow a strict protocol to remove these oils testing for residual solvents, heavy metals, pesticides and other toxins.

Quality control is very important when it comes to these tinctures. So it’s important you do your research and check your yelp reviews on these products.

Looking up the science behind the company is a suggested way to make your decision. Check out the lab reports given by the companies and compare them with others. 

Full Spectrum

There is a term known as full spectrum which is important to get to know when it comes to CBD tinctures. 

Full spectrum means the oil contains more than just CBD. The hemp plant has over more than 100 cannabinoids many of which produce their own individual benefits. 

However when they are combined with CBD they work together to produce balance in your endocannabinoid system. 

Some companies only have CBD by itself. This alone does not produce the same effects as CBD tinctures that contain terpenes and other cannabinoids. 


Terpenes are molecules that are made of a bunch of different plants. A few plants that make terpene molecules include citrus plants, cannabis plants, and evergreen plants. 

Terpenes and cannabinoids actually share similar precursor molecules that are made from the same-based ingredients. 

The plant’s biological systems end up making different molecules. The Terpenes or what causes the smell of marijuana and its flavors. The same goes for citrus plants. 

The Terpenes are what you smell in the citrus like lemon kush or a pine fragrance. The turbines interact with different enzymes in the body as well as neurotransmitters. 

When they are combined with CBD and other cannabinoids they work together to produce a more desirable effect in aiding the body to help alleviate muscle pain, anxiety, depression and inflammation. 

Terpenes are very effective even at very low concentration. Inhalation methods as well as topically and orally have been proven to complement the cannabinoids in studies to create a synergy. The synergetic effects are created depending on how they are used.


Currently there are about 113 cannabinoids that have been identified. Most of them come from cannabis plants however there are some that come from other plants and there are also some that exist in the human body. 

These cannabinoids are isolated and then manufactured in the tincture. Now going back to the cannabinoids in the human body, there are two types. 

There are CB1 and CB2 receptors. The CB1 receptor is mainly found in the brain and the cerebral cortex. 

The CB2 receptors exist primarily throughout the immune system. These receptors are responsible for your sleep, your immune system and your appetite.

For example THC helps increase appetite and reduce nausea. Cannabinoids like CBD help reduce pain and anxiety. It can also help reduce insomnia. 

Which Tincture is Right for You?

Each company’s CBD tincture is a different recipe containing the different cannabinoids. It’s important to know which cannabinoids are in the tincture. 

CBD tinctures are very good in promoting well-being throughout the body without having a psychoactive effect. 

The tinctures with THC produce a psychoactive effect as well as increasing appetite and reducing nausea. So keep these things in mind when looking for the tincture that is right for you.

Author: Jacob Maslow

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