Published On: Fri, Sep 28th, 2012

Cassidy Goodson, Florida teen arrested, newborn found in shoebox as she lied about ‘miscarriage’

UPDATE: Sources from the Kathleen student body identified the teen as Cassidy Goodson, the article below was updated accordingly.

A 14-year-old Central Florida girl allegedly hid her pregnancy was arrested on suspicion of choking her newborn to death after giving birth in her home.

Cassidy Goodson

Deputies arrested the Kathleen High student, Cassidy Goodson, on Thursday, five days after the Polk County Sheriff’s Office received a call that a baby had been found inside a shoebox in the girl’s Lakeland home, authorities said.

Investigators later determined that she had delivered the baby in the bathroom, then choked the baby to death.

“Everybody’s a loser here,” Sheriff Grady Judd said in a press conference on Friday. “This 14-year-old child murdered her infant baby that she successfully delivered at home.”

Detectives responded to the home and learned that the girl’s mother had been collecting dirty laundry on Saturday when she smelled an odor in the girl’s room.  The mother gathered a plastic bag of wet, dirty clothes from a “storage stool,” put the bag in the sink and started sorting through the wet items, the report said.

That’s when the mother found the baby’s body. The mother called her sisters, who in turn called 911, the report said.

Detectives came to the family home and interivewed the girl and her mother.

The girl delivered the baby in the bathroom.

She told detectives she put a towel in her mouth and turned on the bathroom water to hide any noise she might make, investigators said.

Detectives said she told them that as the pain of the labor got worse, she used a pair of scissors to “pry the baby out.”  The baby boy, who measured 9-and-a-half pounds and was 20 inches long, was delivered alive and into the toilet, the report said.

Detectives said Goodson, who weighs 100 pounds and is approximately 5-feet-3-inches-tall, had been attempting to conceal her pregnancy from her family by wearing baggy clothing for the past several months.



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  1. Pinterest Women » Cassidy Goodson, Florida teen arrested, newborn found in shoebox as she… says:

    […] A 14-year-old Central Florida girl allegedly hid her pregnancy was arrested on suspicion of choking … been attempting to conceal her pregnancy from her family by wearing baggy clothing for the past several… Talkwalker Alert: 50 results for [pregnancy] […]

  2. Cassidy Goodson to be set free in 2014 after serving manslaughter sentence for killing her baby - The Global Dispatch says:

    […] Goodson, the Florida teen who murdered her newborn baby and hid the corpse in a shoebox, should be scheduled for release in 2014 after plea bargaining to a manslaughter charge during her […]

  3. Mindy says:

    The story of the Tampa man falling to his death while sleeping in his own bed (because hell opened up underneath of him and swallowed him whole) should be enough to remind everyone they should say a prayer before going to bed.

  4. David says:

    “Teenage American girls are treated just as badly as girls in Afghanistan.”

    I hope you’re just trolling, but by reading the rest of your post, I’m guessing you aren’t. A girl was just beheaded in Afghanistan for refusing to marry a boy. That’s hardly the same thing as telling an American teen girl to use birth control. This is why we view you crazy lib moonbats as soulless.

  5. Cassidy Goodson, teen baby killer, indicted as adult, Mom stills claims she didn’t know - The Global Dispatch says:

    […] – Cassidy Goodson […]

  6. James says:

    Hmm, I don’t see the problem in Liberal world. How is this different than a late term abortion? I surprised they are even charging her. I figured she’d be the Planned Parenthood poster child and be addressing congress next week on women’s/girl’s rights.

    I guarantee you if you look hard enough, you’ll find left-wing groups, and left-wing professors and other kooks supporting the girl, because they are for infanticide. I mean hell, the president is. He voted for it four times as an Illinois state senator.

  7. alan says:

    What’s the problem? Aren’t women allowed to legally kill their babies? If she’d done it a couple months ago, it would’ve been perfectly legal! We need to get off of her scissors and umbilical cord and quit trying to make decisions about her body! We teach women that it’s OK to kill their baby and then go crazy when a mother kills her baby!

  8. grammy says:

    This kind of thing will become a lot more common place if Romney gets elected. Woman are now able to make informed decisons on child birth. Young women (or girls) can choose to give birth or wait until the timing is better (how horrible hat this child had to go nine months afraid.). In a perfect World people wait until the time is right. But it isn’t a perfect World. Sex happens. Abortion will be pressured to be outlawed and might become what is done in back alleys or south of the border like it was done in the 1960’s and before.

    The 70s saw abortion safe and done in sterile conditions. Women should have the only say in their bodies. The government should stay out of our uterus! Romney is elected could make our bodies his business.

  9. Pamela Henry says:

    Teenage girls in America are Victims: they are denied the right to seek birth control or sex planning services from clinics without their parents being notified first. Schools aren’t allowed to teach birth control or provide condoms to sexually active teens who ask for them–because self righteous parents forbid it. Then when these teen girls get pregnant–they have nowhere to turn.

    Then they cant get an abortion because parents demand they be notified first if their daughter wants an abortion–so these girls are terrified. Many American parents don’t believe in abortion, so these pregnant girls are terrified their mothers will force them to keep a baby they absolutely do not want. This 14 year old girl is a Victim–a victim of lawmakers & parents who refused her the right to seek medical care in private…

    Teenage American girls are treated just as badly as girls in Afghanistan.

  10. muffy says:

    Who raped that girl and made her pregnant. I do not believe that she delivered the baby by her self, the mother had to help her and is guilty too. The baby was born alive so imagine the pain and suffering it had as they tried to stop it from crying. The mother didn’t know. Yea sure.

  11. F* agenda 21 says:

    This is offensive and appalling and doesn’t surprise me the least bit. What do we expect when we tolerate Planned Parenthood, Federally funded murder of babies, gratuitous sex in every aspect of media and advertising, and when we allow the leftists & atheists to erase God from our society?

  12. Anon says:

    Dude what an ugly slut.
    ‘Nuff said.

  13. Chinese protester crushed under steamroller, okayed by government official GRAPHIC PHOTOS - The Global Dispatch says:

    […] Florida teen murders newborn born in bathroom […]

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