Published On: Wed, Dec 14th, 2016

Care givers have their tasks cut out to keep seniors hale and hearty

Coping up with the years after retirement are worrisome for many seniors especially when they decide to spend their time at home. Although there might be family members surrounding them, it is not expected that they would be attending to the elderly always. On the other hand, the elderly would always need some support in daily life that only caregivers can provide.

Caring for others is what motivates caregivers to take up the profession. Unless you are passionate about taking care for others and have the right attitude of serving, you can never think of becoming a caregiver. A sense of selfless service dominates the attitude of caregivers who are ready to forget about their own needs and take up the cause of making others happy at an age when they find living on their own a bit difficult.  The tasks of care givers have been outlined in this article.

photo courtesy of Greenberg Health

photo courtesy of Greenberg Health

Faithful companions

Caregivers have to step into the shoes of the family members to extend the most compassionate care so that the elderly can lead a comfortable life. What caregivers have to do depend on good understanding of the needs of seniors.  Elders suffer from a sense of isolation and loneliness that has to be taken care of by care givers. They have to play the role of a faithful companion who is always available to make the senior happy by talking to them and also lending an ear. Seniors look upon them as their man Friday.  

Taking care of the health

The most important task of care givers is to ensure that elders take care of their health.  Caregivers are trained to keep a close watch on the overall health of seniors and monitor it. They should be able to identify changes in health parameters well in advance and share it with family members so that timely action can be taken. It also enables them to alter the level of care that the situation demands.

Playing the role of home maker

All the little tasks that a home maker would have done have to be performed by care givers of CT Care Home Health. Seniors might find it difficult to keep up with the daily chores that care givers have to lend a hand to. They have to fill the gaps and help in taking out the trash, dusting and any other little things that can be of inconvenience for seniors including shopping, laundry and even changing sheets.

Preparing meals

How healthy seniors can stay would depend on what kind of food they have. Care givers can help seniors in preparing meals that can keep them healthy. How seniors would love being served with meals by someone who cares for them.

Filling the gaps

The ability to perform the most basic tasks gradually diminishes with age. Care givers are well aware of this fact and take great care to help seniors with grooming; dressing and bathing that can appear to be quite burdensome for seniors.

Most importantly, care givers help the elderly to stay mobile and assist in their movements that can become quite a challenging task.

About the author – Ray Evans is a doctor who has specialized in geriatrics medicine and an artist by hobby. He has even worked for many home care companies including CT Care Home Health having advised them on old age health care systems. Currently he is busy on a research involving the elderly population with focus on maintaining a life free from medicines.

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