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Cardio Exercises Responsible for Fitness and Weight Loss

Every person who wishes to achieve his/her goal of weight loss would definitely desire for a cardio program that would fulfill his/her goal! After you undertake this fitness program for a while, or engage in a MP45 workout, then every person would wonder if the training is really effective in reaching his goals or not!

If you feel that the program steps is not effecting your health positively, then the time has come to make some modifications and take the necessary action that would achieve the weight loss goals!

There are various outdoor activities that would be effective in lessen your weight.

Some may be priced as well! 

Some of the effective and proven activities that are a guarantee your efforts for the weight loss are compiled below.

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Exercise#1: Walking / Running / Jogging

This is a traditional way of keeping yourself in shape. Slow walking, jogging, and fast running can be done anywhere, and the only equipment that is required is a good pair of running shoes. Running and Jogging aids in the development of joint tissues and strong bones!

Walking, like running, can be done without any specific equipment. However, there are several things that can be done for benefiting your health viz. Burning 180 calories over a 30-minute session will be really helpful for you!

Exercise#2: Bicycling

Another best option that is available while you are opting for cardio exercise is cycling! It can be done both indoors and outdoors. It helps in the reduction of your calories value, is having little impact, and also is easy for joints! Grab the advantage of the clean and cheap mode of transportation along with getting in shape and running to work and doing errands!

Cycling would be extra enjoyable and gets challenging if you take the windy routes or that encircling a lake! Some cycling equipements are also installed in the gym in the form of stationary cycles!

Exercise#3: Swimming

Swimming is a fun activity along with a good cardiovascular workout! The reason being that you need to use both of your upper and lower body portions to get through the water.

Swimming is a super-effective cross-training activity and can be performed both outdoors and indoors! The amount of the calories burning depends on the method of the performance and time taken to perform the same viz. Swimming in the breaststroke method will burn a minimum of 400 calories if you are practicing the exercise for 30 minutes!

Exercise#4: Step Aerobics

Step Aerobics is usually done in a class along with a choreographed moves as instructed by the instructor! Nowadays, there are various videos available on the Internet so you can perform all the exercise in the comfort of your home!

Step Aerobics is very beneficial for toning of the legs, hips, and butt. If you are doing this exercise for 30-minute, then you are able to consume approximately 300 to 400 calories!

Exercise#5: Rowing

Rowing is an extremely good aerobic workout if done for strengthening your legs! This workout would help you to burn about 300 calories for performing this exercise just half an hour!

If you do not have access to the rowboat and any other waterbodies, there are various rowing equipment available at the gyms and other fitness centers where you can get to perform various challenging workouts!

At this point, what to say?

Apart from weight loss, there are many other positive aspects of the cardio exercises. Firstly, Cardio Exercises lowers your blood pressure effectively. Some of the aerobic exercises reduce the negative emotional responses, specially in males such as anger and anxiety. This reduces the risk of the Myocardial Infarction (MI) or Heart Attack!

Aerobic Exercises allows the body fat to reduce effectively, reduces the progression of the Alzheimer’s Disease, and promotes good posture. Also, the cardio exercises energize you to the level that you get asleep immediately.

Last Point

The majority of people bear the misconception that their muscle size will decrease exponentially due to the engaging exercises viz. Treadmill, Biking, Jumping, etc. Instead, these cardiovascular exercises increase the heart rate of the body along with enhancement of the overall stamina.

Author Bio:- Ivy Biswas is a fitness and health expert along with an interest in nutrition and fashion as well! Her friendly nature and genuinity would inspire you for maintaining your health and posture with the sassy outfits as well! Her cute street-style snaps with the workout gears would really make you crazy!!

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