Published On: Wed, Jul 11th, 2018

Car Crash? Here’s What to Do

When you’re in a car crash, you may not know what to do at the time. You’re emotional, possibly hurt, and can’t think straight. The other driver is placing blame on you, and you’re placing the blame on them. At the scene of a car accident, there are things you must do in order to file a claim against the other driver. Unless you follow the proper protocol, you could end up not being compensated for an accident that wasn’t even your fault. The following are the steps you must take in order to establish the other driver’s fault and get compensated for your car accident losses and injuries.

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Steps to Take After a Car Accident

Step 1: Report the Car Accident to the Police

It’s extremely important you call the police as soon as the accident occurs. Even if you believe that the other driver or a witness has already called, your willingness to call may be an important detail if the insurers later try to claim that you were reluctant to summon help.

Step 2: Get Pictures of the Cars involved in the Accident

While you’re waiting for the police to arrive at the scene of the accident, take pictures of the cars involved in the accident, including your own. Both your insurance company and the other driver’s will want the pictures to determine who was at fault for the car accident.

Step 3: Get an Accident Report from the Police

Once the police have shown up at the scene of the accident, they’ll write an accident report. Be sure all the necessary information is included in the report, including the other driver’s name, address, phone number, and insurance information. Don’t leave the scene until the police give you the report.

Step 4: Contact Your Insurance Company

You should contact your insurance company right after the accident. You should wait until you’ve received the police report so you can give the correct information to them. You can call your car insurance company either at the scene of the accident or when you get home. Just be sure to call them the same day as the accident.

Step 5: Report All Accident Injuries

If you’re injured in an accident, it’s important to report all injuries to the appropriate authorities. First, if your injury is immediately apparent, report it to the police when they question you at the scene of the accident. Sometimes, though, injuries or the extent of injuries isn’t noticeable until a few days after the accident. Either way, go to the appropriate doctors immediately. Waiting to see a doctor can actually hurt your case.

Step 6: Call a Car Accident Attorney

If you’re injured in an accident, call a personal injury accident attorney immediately. Car crash attorneys in Miami can help determine if you’ve got a case that will earn you compensation. Don’t wait too long to call, though. Waiting can only hurt your case. Be sure to call several attorneys before deciding which lawyer you want to handle your case.

Step 7: Decide which Lawyer You Want

Based on your consultations you’ll be able to determine which car crash attorney in Miami will work best for your case. Most personal injury lawyers offer free consultations and some don’t even take a fee unless they win your case.

Author: Shirley Wilson

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  2. […] often tell you that there are few subjects that are non-negotiable. However, if you have been in an auto accident, you cannot admit fault. Doing so is the equivalent of giving up on the negotiation before it has […]

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