Published On: Wed, Feb 28th, 2018

Car Accident Claims: How a Lawyer can help

If you suffered property damage or were injured in a car accident, you may be wondering how a lawyer can actually help you. You might have considered trying to handle the insurance company and settling the claim without assistance. Although much depends on the complexity and specifics of your case, there are some typical duties and responsibilities that are linked to car accident lawyers.

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Communicating with the Other Party’s Insurer

In personal injury cases, a lawyer opens up a communication line with the other party’s insurance adjuster. It is essential for the plaintiff’s lawyer to communicate effectively and develop a good relationship.

Obtaining Proof of Liability

A good attorney obtains all the evidence that is required as proof of liability for a car accident claim. While you may have taken photographs of the scene of the accident, a lawyer usually has to visit the scene and observe what it looks like.

A picture is worth a lot but seeing the scene is important. The lawyer ensures that all the accident reports of the case are acquired and often speaks with investigating police officers as well as witnesses. A good attorney pays attention to all the details when obtaining liability evidence.

Obtaining Evidence of Damages

A qualified lawyer is crucial to your case when you have suffered major injuries that are related to a car accident. It important to obtain all documents connected to your injuries but it can be challenging to access all the bills and records from healthcare providers.

  • Even though the records are yours and you have a right to them, healthcare providers do not usually prioritize sending medical records to lawyers and patients. Find an Avondale car accident lawyer here.
  • Smaller healthcare facilities may not have the time or staffing to respond to requests for medical records in a timely manner. Large hospitals might have certain procedures that must be adhered to while responding to requests for medical records. They will not respond to your request unless you follow these procedures.
  • Prosecuting any personal injury claim requires medical evidence that can prove what your physical limitation, disability or injury is and that it resulted from the defendant’s negligence.
  • If a doctor does not mention the extent or cause of the injury, your lawyer can ask for a letter that contains the doctor’s opinion regarding the cause of injury and how long you will be disabled or hindered due to the accident.

Negotiating a Settlement

A car accident lawyer negotiates your settlement and this is hard time-consuming work. Negotiation is a specific skill that a lawyer has. An experienced lawyer knows the value of the case, how to handle the case and how to conduct negotiations in order to get substantial compensation from the insurer.

Handling Car Accident Claims Professionally

Some people may feel their cases are too small to handover to a lawyer. If you are comfortable with collecting documents and evidence and negotiating settlements on your own, you can consider working alone. However, the reality is that many individuals end up needing lawyers when they have soaring medial bills or have been out of work for a significant period of time. Hiring a lawyer is recommended in such situations.  

Author: Charlie Brown

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