Published On: Tue, Dec 8th, 2015

Capitalizing on the 3 Great Benefits to Using a Live Webcasting Service

Video webcasting is an important part of business today. As a growing business you need a way to streamline your content delivery.  Even if you’ve been in business for a while now, having a webcasting service like Blue Jeans behind your website’s front end will enhance your business’ overall operations and workflow.

3 Great Benefits to Using a Live Webcasting Service

Webcasting is the best way to move leads through your sales cycle, which is why so many businesses are using them today. There are three things you can do to move your webcasts up to an even higher quality. These three things include:

  • Make sure your webcasting platform isn’t holding you back. Don’t let them allow you to write this marketing venue off altogether. Instead, look at what technological limitations exist. Remember, webcasting is different from other advertising mediums mainly because it holds people’s attention better. So, while it takes some extra work and forethought, the potential of reaching more clients is also much greater. If you’re unhappy with your current platform, start shopping for a new one.
  • Multi-tasking isn’t as good as people once thought it was. In fact, there are some facts showing multi-tasking works against us. So, if you want your audience to actually retain what you’ve told them, it’s important to find a way to hold their undivided attention. To do this, try telling stories, having conversations, and not moving too quickly between co-presenters. Instead, be both personal with your co-presenter and relevant to your audience.
  • Even if you haven’t hosted a webcast in the past, you definitely have both the content and thought leadership to make it work. Webcasting allows you to reach out to more people so leads begin flowing better through your sales funnel. Don’t let all the details of hosting a webcast freak you out. Simply make sure you use the best service available for hosting your webcast so your audience doesn’t become irritated or doubt your credibility due to technical issues.

Capitalizing on These Benefits

Understanding how important it is to invest in high-quality webcasting is important. Doing so will actually give you three great benefits.

  • Interactivity is there with webcasting unlike it is with various other types of content marketing. When you integrate interactive webcasting with your company’s workflow you’ll greatly improve upon employee satisfaction. As time passes, you’ll also start receiving feedback on how you can improve things that aren’t working as effectively as they should.
  • Scalability is also quite readily available. Since webcasting is a self-scaling solution, you can adapt it to fit your needs. You can also decide how much bandwidth you’ll dedicate to its playback. As such, you stay in control of your network’s quality ensuring that even when employees are streaming media your workflow continues on smoothly. This is vital considering webcasting is severely taxing on a network if done incorrectly. It can slow your network’s non-video applications down severely, reducing your video’s playback quality.
  • Playback is sometimes interrupted when a website receives too much traffic. You’ll notice the video starting to buffer or jitter. When you find a reliable host, this will stop occurring. Then it won’t take as much time for your employees and clients to watch the video. It also enhances their experience while they watch the video so they can learn the information better.

Putting It All Together and Making It Work

Now you know the benefits of using a host for your webcasts and how to capitalize on the benefits of doing so, it’s time to create your successful webcast. There are essentially three steps you’ll want to take here.

  • When using a phone for your presentations, make sure it sounds good. Don’t use a speaker phone, cell phone, or low-quality headset. Your audio quality must be really high so your web audience hears you, or else they’ll become disengaged.
  • Break up your presentation so you’re not sitting there droning on about the topic. Having a moderator is beneficial here because it helps get things rolling and makes transitions between presenters smoother. Moderators can also help manage questions to keep the event flowing smoothly.
  • Make sure your webcast is interactive by including polling questions and encouraging your visitors to ask questions. Also, acknowledge these in your videos so people know you hear them. This encourages them to engage with you and return to see your webcasts again in the future.


These are just some of the benefits of webcasting and ways that your business can garner them for itself. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, your business needs these benefits and you can easily harness them for it. Doing so begins with recognizing your expertise and handing off the technical stuff, you’re probably not as good at, to those who are professionals in that area. You can then focus on connecting with your audience, sharing your knowledge, and growing your brand.

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photo courtesy of BlueJeans.com

photo courtesy of BlueJeans.com


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