Published On: Mon, Apr 12th, 2021

Can You Trust a Forex Signal Provider?

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Let’s admit it, we all look for shortcuts in life that can help us attain massive profits with minimal effort. The forex traders always look for the cost-effective ways that can augment their chances of success. Forex signals actually provide that. The issue arises when you have to select the one reliable signals service provider whose information is precise and that can help you earn steep profits with the passage of time. Ideally, you should skim through a list of most accurate forex signals providers and take your decision accordingly.

This post is focused to give you an idea about how you can trust a forex signal provider when there are already hundreds of self-acclaimed signals services available in the forex market.


  • Find Out Who the Signal Provider Are

There is no denying the fact that a dependable forex signal provider can actually simplify the trading process for you. It can guide you about every profitable move that can get you profit. According to babypips, the work of signals service provider is similar to forex robots except for the fact that they don’t execute actual trade entries.

The first step you should follow is to know about the signal provider you’re planning to work with. Ask questions, do market research, make comparisons and take your decision. Some of the things you should consider while determining the right signal provider for your trade involves:

Are they Traders?

While searching a forex signal provider for your business, the first thing you should pay attention to is decide in between working with an individual or a company. It’s not possible for an individual to run a business that involves continuous working. Natural calamities, illnesses and time management issues are also a big concern for people who claims to deliver impeccable signal services without anyone’s help and assistance. It’s also important to assess whether a person is a trader who is running his signals service from home. If this is the case, there are many other things involved. What’s his level of expertise? How dependable his services are?

Ideally, one should consider acquiring services of a professional company whose all operations are transparent.

Do they explain their Strategy?

This one is truly important. Simply put, a signal provider is an individual or a company that shares their trading strategy with the subscribers.  So, basically you should look for the company who’s not reluctant in explaining the basics of their strategy.

Do they Provide Actual Results?

Forex trading is a result-oriented business. All your efforts will go down the drain if the received signals fails to deliver profitable results. One of the ways to assess how profitable the signals providing company is to evaluate its past performance. Look at the statistics, entry/exit prices, dates and the overall outcome. If you’re not able to find these details on the company’s site, most likely you’re trying to connect with a scam service. Even if all these details are present, make sure to invest your time in researching whether the provided information is real or fake. One of the ways to do this is to flip through numerous testimonials and reviews available on the third-party websites.

Any dependable signals service provider always offer a free or limited trial that can help their clients validate their services. If you cannot find anything like this, rethink your decision and move on. Keep in mind, legitimate services do not try to hide anything.

  • Email them, Talk to Them


photo/ Gerd Altmann

Before finalizing the signals service provider for your business, make sure to directly contact them via email or whatsapp. It will give you a better idea about with whom you’re about to deal with in future.  Ask questions and clear your doubts. A professional and reliable signal provider can never show reluctance in replying to your questions neither they’re hesitant in showing their past records to their prospects.

Find out Who They Are?

The decision about selecting a signal service provider for your trades can have a huge impact on the overall success of your forex business. It’s not waste of time if you spend some hours researching about the available services and talking to the support if you finally pick one for you. Know if they are traders who have started their signals service or an established company who actually know their work.

Find Out if you like the Way they talk to you!

As an old adage goes, first impression is the last impression. Take time to talk to your signals service provider. You can connect either by whatsapp, email or telegram. Show interest only if you like the way they talk to you.

  • Do Your Due Diligence

All in all, it’s your responsibility to research well before selecting a signal service provider for your trades. Wrong or meaningless information can do more harm than good for your trading business.

Author: Mary Matthews

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