Published On: Sat, Nov 21st, 2020

Can You Keep Plants In Your Self Storage Unit?

Is it wise, and even possible, to store plants in your self storage unit? Find out in this article, to ensure you don’t end up breaking the rules, and killing your plants. 

Throughout the pandemic gardening turned even the most unlikely fingers green, encouraging us all to enjoy planty projects in our home and gardens. 

Plants are a wonderful way to add colour, life and interest to your home inside and out, but sometimes they have to be stored elsewhere. 

Moving house, home renovation, landscaping and pest control are all reasons plants may need to be moved to a temporary safe space. 

If you have a cheap self storage unit, or are considering one, you might be thinking a self storage unit is the perfect place to store your plants temporarily. However, it is a bit of a grey area. In some instances it isn’t allowed, and in other instances it isn’t advised. Let’s take a closer look at whether or not you can, or should, keep your plants in your cheap self storage unit:

Is It Allowed?

Plants are an organic material and so in many self storage units they are on the list of things that are not allowed. They can attract pests and create humidity in the area they are placed, which can then lead to mould in the unit. However, certain facilities may allow short term plant storage, but you should always enquire first before signing up to the storage assuming plants can be stored. 

photo Alyson Jones

If You Can Store Plants In Your Self Storage Unit

If you are allowed to store plants in your affordable self storage unit you should certainly have a look into the needs of each plant type, and whether or not it will actually survive time in your unit. Some plants could die very quickly in a unit because of a change in environment. They may suffer with a lack of light, or with extreme temperatures. In the best scenario you will be able to provide your plants with climate control on the unit, which many modern facilities now offer. This will help them remain at a temperature that is more likely to support their needs. 

It is also a good idea to water the plants thoroughly a few days before they are placed in the unit. 

Is Long Term Plant Storage A Good Idea?

It probably isn’t the best idea to try and store plants in an economical self storage unit long term. In terms of the facility, long term plant storage can be an issue when it comes to humidity and mould. In terms of the plant itself, they just aren’t designed to live in no light situations. Low light doesn’t mean no light, and in addition to their light needs, it could be a problem being able to get to the plants and water them as often as you need to. 

Alternatives To Cheap Self Storage To Store Plants

If you are unable to store your plants in self storage, don’t worry, your leafy friends have lots of other places to go temporarily until you can look after them again. Consider the following when you place your plants:

  • Could a planty friend or family member care for your plants?
  • How about a plant babysitting service?
  • Could your plants be moved into a spare room as a temporary safe space for them?
  • Would it be possible to move your plants to your new place before everything else? You could still tend to them then in between visits. 

photo/ StockSnap

Before You Store Your Plants, Ask

If you only have a few houseplants to store, consider asking a friend or family member to care for them until you can have them back. If you do have a lot of plants that need storage, approach your self storage facility and ask if you can store them. Although the answer may well be no, if it is a yes, you’ll have a handy, cost-effective solution for keeping your leafy babies safe until you can have them back with you again. The golden rule is to do your research before you move your plants elsewhere, to ensure their wellbeing, and that you are in fact sticking to the rules of your storage facility. 

Author: Anna Preston

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