Published On: Sun, Sep 11th, 2016

Calling Card or Calling App? Which one is better?

In today’s world being able to connect to anyone at any time and place regardless of your or the other person’s current location is vital, if not critical. One of the most annoying thing in today’s world is not being to be able to connect to other people because of terrible call quality or if you are in a location is “too” remote. So what options do we have to stop this potential problem for happening? Well, we can either use Calling Cards or a Calling App.

What are those?

  • A Calling Card is a card that depending on its type, will allow you to go to any Payphone in the world and make a call from that phone.
  • A Calling App is a mobile application like NobelApp and WhatsApp, which allows you to make local and international calls from your phone without having to pay normal phone rates which as most of us know can be extremely expensive.
Public domain image/Pablo Neo

Public domain image/Pablo Neo

Now that you have an idea of what a Calling Card and Calling App is, let’s talk about which one is a better solution to the problem at hand and which of these two solutions will be the best for you in general.

Pros of a Calling Card

  • If there is a phone booth you can call from regardless of the current signal that your mobile device has.
  • No need for a cellular device.

Cons of using a Calling Card

  • If there is no phone booth or box around then any Calling Card will be useless as you won’t be able to use the Calling Card.
  • Some cards will not let you make international calls, due to different available cards you can buy.
  • There is no address book or list of contacts that you can look at when using a Calling Card, you have to know the number off by heart.

Pros of a Calling App

  • It is a cheaper option to modern telecommunications packages, as you don’t have to use airtime or pay a set amount every month.
  • If your device has signal you can call anyone.
  • You don’t have to carry a list of contacts with you, as all your contacts can be stored within the Calling App.
  • No need to dial numbers, just select the contact you want to speak to and enjoy.

Cons of a Calling App

  • If the battery of your device dies then you won’t have any way of contacting anyone.
  • Your device will need to have a signal of some sorts.


To conclude, making use of a Calling Card has its benefits when you are situated in a remote area that does not have any cellular signal or coverage, but that’s where it stops. Which means that using a Calling App is the best option for you. The pros of a Calling App destroy its cons as in today’s world the amount of areas that don’t have signal are extremely slim. If you want to find out more about what type of options you have, go check out NobelCom who are leaders in Calling Apps and Calling cards.

Guest Author: Lolita Di

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