Published On: Mon, Oct 26th, 2015

California murder suicide victims identified as Jude Quezada, Reyna Hernandez, killed by Nicholas Quezada

A couple and their infant son were found dead inside an apartment in Downey, California Wednesday night and now the coroner’s office has positively identified all three bodies, but didn’t release cause of death details.

Officials said 1-year-old Jude Quezada was discovered, along with his parents, by the landlord of the apartment complex after other family members could not reach them and got concerned. The parents were identified as 29-year-old Nicholas Quezada and 26 year-old Reyna Hernandez.

Jude and Reyna were found dead in a bathtub full of water, and the woman’s boyfriend was found dead in a bedroom, police said. Downey police on Wednesday said the case appeared to be a murder-suicide, noting that the couple had a history of domestic violence.

“Both (family members) came over, the door was locked. They went to the landlord, who gave them a key. They went inside, discovered the victims, and then they called the Downey Police Department,” said Lt Mark McDaniel.

“I saw a lady coming down the stairs from the apartments, crying, and she had blood all over her shirt and hands. She was just screaming hysterically, and the cops were just telling her that everything was going to be OK,” said Carolina Martinez, a witness, speaking with ABC7.

“I told my mom, ‘Mom, there’s a girl screaming, help, she’s carrying a baby,’ and it looked like she had blood,” said Christina Pena, a witness.

Photo/Minnesota Historical Society via wikimedia commons

Photo/Minnesota Historical Society via wikimedia commons

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- Catherine "Kaye" Wonderhouse, a proud descendant of the Wunderhaus family is the Colorado Correspondent who will add more coverage, interviews and reports from this midwest area.

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  1. Colette Lewis says:

    First and foremost there was no blood what so ever on the baby or the parents. Second of all the downey police department never once went out to their apt for anything.
    Thirdly Nic’s wrist were tied behind his back.
    He was deemed to be the first to pass away on Monday the 19th not the 21.

    All cause on each one was suffocation………

    Toxicology report came back July of 2006 on each one negative. The reason it took so long was the coroner’s office was backed up 3 months had nothing to do with the length of trying to find drugs but there were no drugs involved there were no guns involved or no blood on any of them.

    I am asking whoever wrote the story to please remove it all your information is incorrect and there still a child out here that belongs to Nic one day she may want to read it and there’s no truth to what you put.

    I know the case is still pending and has not been closed.



  2. Concerned reader and family member says:

    Poor piece of journalism. This article seems to have been copied.and pasted from other misinformed news outlets. Both families are at a huge loss and news outlets that misinform do more harm than good. Possibly getting the facts right should take precedence over selling advertisement’s and being proud of quality of journalism more so than pride in one’s self.

    • Brandon Jones says:

      Searched for updates and not one piece of new information has surfaced, so whatever “facts” that are not right have not been brought to light. Contact us and we will report as needed.

      • Colette LewisYour Name... says:

        Case is being passed around. How do you say it appears to be homicide suicide when Nicholas Quezada wrist were tied behind his back and he was already decomposing or I was told was deemed the first to be decomposed. Never did her sister’s run outside with the baby screaming he’s full of blood he’s full of blood!!!

        Secondly there was never any domestic violence at that apartment that the police knew of because they were never called out there.

        I find it very sad that people take the lives of others and make money off of the tormenting mental state of puts a family in. I would like that statement to be removed I have proof on my death certificate where it shows wrist were bound be behind his back.

        Could you please remove that article unless you find a different truth my son still has a 9year old who will soon be 10 on October 15th right before the anniversary date of her daddy I am begging you to take that off there’s no truth to that piece of article please I am begging you as a mother as a grandmother make a difference in this world take the lies and throw them down somebody’s throat or as far as the sea please.

        Here is a number I can be reached at.
        Colette Lewis.

        • Ms Colette,

          Kaye Wonderhouse and the members of my team mean you no distress. The story stands by the reported facts of the case.

          The most recent update from the LA Times confirms these details. Coroner’s records said Hernandez died from forced drowning and her son died of “asphyxiation—homicide.”

          Ed Winter in the coroner’s officer confirmed these details.

          Quezada’s death was ruled a suicide. Is there another update or story you can provide us?

          Downey Police Lt. Mark McDaniel said the family had lived in the apartment for more than a year and there was a history a domestic violence calls to the residence…is that wrong?

          We can truly understand how painful this must be for your family and will correct facts in the reporting but we needs more information.


          You can email us at [email protected]

          • Colette LewisYour Name... says:

            Yes He was very wrong. They had only lived there 6 months. How could there be a Year’s worth of domestic violence? When I first met detective Abasha on the 25 my daughter ask him how many times in the six months did they have to go out and answer a report on domestic violence he replied I checked and we have no history in the last 6 months any phone calls. that was heard by a room full of people and can be proven. You say that you stick by the coroner’s report you explain to me on my son’s report how was his wrist bound behind his back sad to say I even went and took pictures of him before the mortuary prepared him. If you look at the report how could you say that that that one little section of that night had any truth in it before anything was done? Anybody can ask the manager could you please provide me a copy or look at the rental so that we can determine how long they live here because the mother is insisting 6 months. They were living with her father they moved them into that apartment. Even Detective Abasha try to tell me that I didn’t know my son because he didn’t live at home no more and that he was told that he was using hardcore drugs. My son had a big slash across this left eye the left lip was cut.

            Did you read all 4 death certificates?

            Did you know when asked what they were suffocated with we were told plastic bags been talking to the corner that picked up the bodies she said when she was doing her part there was no plastic bags so they must have went to the police department as evidence. March of this year before I wish I was retired I have been asking to meet with him so that I can show him the message from Mrs. Marlene who picked up the bodies did you find any Fingerprints of my son on her she replied no I asked did you find any Fingerprints of her on him she said no she said I cut all their fingernails all the way down there was no skin from either one of them on each other or the baby. I asked her again did she take the plastic bags because he said they were not in his evidence she said she would check with the criminalist that was with her and email me back so that I could show him the message and she even capitalized I don’t we don’t have the bags. My original first question when it all happened is wasn’t the crime scene tainted by everybody walking in there and touching the bodies so where did those plastic bags go how did my son’s wrist get tied and if there was no fingerprints with my son holding her down in the water there’s other things that could happen.

            I have a granddaughter out there that will soon be using computers at school do you not have a heart the emotional mental state of her losing not only her daddy with the excitement of her second brother she loved her brother Jude we have pictures of them my son was a good father to those kids but I don’t know where you get they live there year I’m sorry I went off the subject but that’s what popped in my head because my son decorated that window of the apartment to surprise her for her birthday and he asked the manager could he decorate the window because he’s an artist and he worked at Disneyland she said sure that kid on TV that said yeah that could be a sign a suicide that’s Jack and Sally who don’t know them it’s a movie The Nightmare Before Christmas.

            Please for the love of God don’t hurt my granddaughter by leaving that on there if I have to scrape every penny I have to get a lawyer to show how botched up that whole thing was prove beyond a shadow of a doubt they know he did it especially when nothing matches of what they said.

          • I need you email me some links, copies of documents etc…disproving the sources that are out there. Our interest here is the news, the truth in that story and we’ll continue to work on this

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