Published On: Thu, Aug 4th, 2016

California bill would force Christian schools to hire homosexuals, allow ‘transgender’ housing

A California state bill passed by their Senate,  sponsored by Sen. Ricardo Lara (D), would remove removes Title IX exemptions for nearly all religious schools; therefore, forcing these faith-based colleges and universities to hire homosexuals, and/or to assign housing according to self-chosen “gender identity.”

The state Senate passed SB1146, a law which reads, “A postsecondary educational institution that is controlled by a religious organization and that receives financial assistance from the state or enrolls students who receive state financial assistance is subject to Section 11135, and violation of that section may be enforced by a private right of action.”

“Section 11135” forces the college or university to provide “housing or restroom accommodations … consistent with their gender identity.”  It also requires married housing to include “married same-sex couples.”

Only seminaries would remain exempt.

“This section does not apply to an institution … if the purpose of the institution is to prepare students to become ministers of the religion” or theology teachers.

 photo/screenshot of video coverage

photo/screenshot of video coverage

The bill now goes to the state Assembly.

The California Student Aid Commission’s Patti Colston acknowledged that the bill would create a path for lawsuits against religious schools from students and employees.

Concordia University Irvine President Dr. Kurt Krueger issued a statement on the school’s website, explaining, “Senate Bill 1146 would significantly challenge Concordia University Irvine’s — and all Christian colleges and universities in California — ability to continue offering a Christ-centered education to our students.”

“The most troubling provision of this bill limits the religious liberty to integrate faith and learning throughout the educational experience,” Dr. Krueger elaborated. “The bill effectively eliminates the religious exemption under current law that allows religious colleges and universities of all faiths — Lutheran, Buddhist, Catholic, Evangelical, Jesuit, Jewish, Muslim, and Roman Catholic 0151 to operate in accordance with their beliefs, including the freedom to hire only Christian faculty and staff.”

Biola University created a website, “Oppose SB 1146”, dedicated to stopping the legislation.

EdSource acknowledged, SB1146 “would shrink the number of religious colleges that qualify for religious exemptions.”

photo Kauhajoki.vaakuna.svg

photo Kauhajoki.vaakuna.svg

“This recent attempt to force Christian colleges to promote sin by employing those who openly defy their Christian faith and mission is reminiscent of atheistic regimes that tried to stamp out Christianity,” Liberty Counsel Founder and Chairman Mathew D. Staver told LifeSiteNews.

“The secular states is at war with Christianity and those who hold Jude-Christian values,” Staver added. “California is leading the charge down this dangerous and tyrannical path.”

“California ought to learn a lesson from history – tyrannical regimes that sought to crush Christianity are no more, but the Church of Jesus Christ is still alive and well.”

Greg Scott, vice president of communications for Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) told Life Site that “The California bill is an unprecedented and targeted attack on the freedom of private Christian institutions to operate according to their faith without with fear of punishment by the government.”

“The bill essentially tells religious institutions to convert to the state’s religion or suffer the disastrous consequences.

“Not only would the bill threaten to deny disadvantaged students the opportunity to choose an educational experience that aligns their faith, it would force schools to abandon policies that affirm marriage, and honor the difference between men and women, and to hire staff and faculty that are hostile to the beliefs of the institutions.

“It’s hard to imagine a greater intrusion by the state into matters of the hearts, minds, and souls of American citizens.”

 photo  Julyo based on work by Gilbert Baker, 1979 via wikimedia commons

photo Julyo based on work by Gilbert Baker, 1979 via wikimedia commons

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