Published On: Sun, Dec 15th, 2013

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo the latest California school to report meningitis–this time it’s viral

A Cal Poly student has been diagnosed with viral meningitis, university medical staff learned Thursday. However, the infection is thought to be an isolated incident, and university medical staff sees no evidence of a significant risk of exposure to the broader campus community.

Orfalea College of Business, at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, California. Public domain image/Gregg Erickson

Orfalea College of Business, at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, California.
Public domain image/Gregg Erickson

The ill student is an off-campus resident and is receiving medical care.

This follows the four cases of meningococcal meningitis reported at UC Santa Barbara and the one case of bacterial meningitis in a UC Riverside student advisor.

Cal Poly Health Center staff members have informed other students who have been in contact with the infected student and advised them on signs and symptoms that would necessitate medical attention.

The debilitating, but rarely fatal viral meningitis (a.k.a., aseptic meningitis) is a very common type of meningitis affecting newborns, children and adults alike.

The symptoms of viral meningitis typically last a week or so; however, in some patients they can last for months. Symptoms include headache, fever, irritability, stiff neck, nausea and a sensitivity to light.

The Meningitis Foundation of America says viral meningitis is spread through the exchange of respiratory and throat secretions (kissing, coughing, sneezing, and sharing a cup, utensil, lip gloss, or cigarette). Viral meningitis is also found in one’s stool, which is how infants and neonates who aren’t toilet trained and adults changing diapers develop it.

There is no specific treatment for viral meningitis at this time. Treating the symptoms of viral meningitis include getting plenty of rest, relaxation, fluids, and medicine to relieve a fever or headache.

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  1. Geoffery Bard says:

    Nice to see original reports. Even the wire services mostly just copy paste each other. I work in community health outreach in Santa Barbara and am worried about the residual carriers next semester.Please consider the petition at this link.https://www.causes.com/actions/1764729-a-petition-to-dr-thomas-friedan-director-and-dr-thomas-clark-meningitis-lead-at-the-cdc

  2. MUSAorg says:

    Our hearts and support go out to those affected by the terrible effects of meningitis. The Meningitis Foundation of America offers extensive information regarding diagnosis, immunization, recovery and the after effects of meningitis. MFA survives primarily by donations. For the past 16 years, we have assisted people through support groups, resources and advocacy in efforts to help those affected with meningitis overcome and those around them understand the journey ahead. We promote prevention and safety measure in at risk communities and help explain the short term, long term effects and recovery treatments of meningitis to the media and public at large. Meningitis is a dangerous & often times fatal infection that can lead to serious life-long physical problems and even death. We are here to provide emotional support to those who need it; please feel free to reach out to us at http://www.musa.org and [email protected]
    Daisi Pollard Sepúlveda-Low
    National President
    Meningitis Foundation of America, Inc.
    World Meningitis Day 24 April

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