Published On: Tue, Apr 11th, 2017

Buy Followers for Social Media Platforms for Enhanced Online Marketing

Social media platforms are being leveraged greatly by online marketers as these platforms offer the opportunity of reaching out to more numbers of people in shortest span of time. More the numbers of followers on Twitter and Instagram and higher the numbers of likes for a Facebook page – better it is for business growth and development. The ‘follower’ and ‘like’ counts are important metrics to measure while evaluating results of social media marketing. It is true that quality is the most important thing, but the impact of quantity cannot be ignored completely. And this is where ‘followers’ and ‘likes’ counts matter the most.

Increasing the numbers of followers on Instagram and Twitter

Online marketers try different methods for increasing the numbers of followers on Twitter as well as on Instagram. Infact, there are many PR agencies from where you can buy followers to increase the follower counts in the business’s account in Instagram and Twitter. Survey reports have proved that businesses which bought proper followers experienced boost in business. Many people think that buying followers and likes might not bring in desired results as the thing is fabricated. But, this phenomenon has been working since a long time, right from the beginning of social media. However, the followers and likes should be bought from a trusted store and not just any PR agency.

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Some tested and proved techniques for boosting numbers of followers on Instagram

Online marketing professionals implement a number of techniques for boosting the numbers of followers on Instagram. Some popular methods are as follows:

  • Posting at the right time – The timing of making Instagram posts plays an important role in increasing the numbers of followers for the business. It is important to carry out a study regarding the timing of the post and the engagement of customers in the same. From the report, it is possible to find the right timing when Instagram posts should be done to attract more numbers of followers.


  • Using the right hashtags – Using hashtags (#) is an excellent way of boosting the numbers of followers in Instagram and Twitter. Hashtags help in finding the post or image quickly from a large group of posts or images. Using the right hashtags with images and posts will definitely boost your user engagement and follower count.


  • Using the right filters – Along with hash tagging, another feature that boosts follower counts on Instagram is using the right filters. Instagram community loves some photo filters over others and when these filters are used, they help in increasing user engagement along with increasing the numbers of followers for a business account.


  • Taking away competitor’s followers – Competition in online marketing is stiff and marketers try various means of outdoing their competitors. To increase the numbers of followers in one Instagram or Twitter account, marketers target followers of competitors closely.


Along with these, the option to buy followers remains open always. It is important to do some research on the company from where the followers will be bought before taking a decision.

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