Published On: Fri, Feb 15th, 2019

Businesses Need to Hire a Hacker in 2019: Here’s Why

It might seem counterintuitive for a business to hire a hacker but there is a great deal of evidence pointing to the benefits of doing exactly that. With high-profile data breaches almost the norm these days, a business needs to be on top of any potential security problems before they can be exploited by individuals with malice on their mind. 

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Hire a Hacker, Find Security Loopholes

According to a recent article in Inc, the practice of hiring a hacker to test the security of your business systems is gaining wide acceptance by companies outside the tech space. Though this trend started with giants like Google and Facebook, other industries have picked up the practice and made it mainstream. United Airlines, for example, offered hackers free miles as an incentive in exchange for finding security flaws. In total, the carrier delivered nearly two million free miles to hackers for pointing out a range of issues including two execution flaws that could have allowed evildoers to down the airline’s system remotely. 

Not Just for Big Companies Anymore

While giant tech companies are the ones who perfected the practice of using hackers to their own advantage, they are no longer the only kind of business to take advantage of its many benefits. Not only does hiring a professional hacker mean that a company can close any potential security vulnerabilities, but it also gives their customers peace of mind, too. 

In a day and age when cyber shopping continues to increase, even the smallest business that can demonstrate that it has taken additional steps to ensure the protection of their customers’ sensitive data has a significant advantage over their competition who cannot. In fact, a hacker’s job is both to find those weak spots that might exist in a company’s code and to advise or develop solutions to these issues they find. 

Protect Your Business 

Hiring a hacker means that a business is protected from the potential fall-out of a security breach that could force it to shutter its operations. Not only is this step good security PR for any business, but it is evidence that the company is forward-thinking and willing to innovate to meet the challenges of the times in order to protect their customers. 

Author: Jacob Maslow

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