Published On: Sat, Mar 7th, 2015

Bruxism Can Destroy Your Smile Ladies!

Have you heard of bruxism? To be honest, I hadn’t either until I found out that I was faced with the problem myself. So, what is it?

Bruxism is the medical term used to describe the action of grinding your teeth at night. While it’s believed that equal numbers of both women and men suffer from bruxism, studies show that more women clench their teeth during the day; ultimately increasing the damaging affects of night time teeth grinding. So, listen up, I’m going to share a few ways to protect your smile!

How To Protect Your Teeth

Know The Causes And Avoid Them! – OK, so there’s been no studies that have resulted in a concise answer as to what causes bruxism. However, there are several factors related to the issue that have been pointing out. By avoiding these factors, you may be able to stop unknowingly grinding your teeth.

  • Caffeine – I know, we all love our caffeine, but the stuff is bad for us! Time after time, studies have proven that not only is caffeine addictive, it can also lead to heart problems, psychological problems, bruxism, and much, much more!
  • Stress – Day time stress is believed to be a major cause of night time teeth grinding. I know, everyone tells you to avoid stress, but no one seems to tell you how. So, here are a few ways to bring your stress level down…
    • Meditate – Meditation, whether it be religion based or simply based on the soothing effects of meditation has been proven to be an effective way to bring stress levels down. So doing so can lead to a healthier, longer life; and of course a healthier smile!
    • Take A Walk – Walking daily helps to get your blood flowing and oxygen to your brain; it’s also been proven to greatly reduce the amount of stress people live with. So, take an hour per day and go for a walk. Not only will you be healthier because of it, it may help you stop grinding your teeth.
    • Don’t Be Afraid To Say No! – Did you know that the word no can be a stress reliever? The reality is that we are often asked questions that put us in uncomfortable positions. Because many people are afraid to say no; they generally offer a helping hand whether it be physical or financial that may extend them beyond their capabilities. This is a leading cause of stress for many people. So, avoid stressful situations by not being afraid to say no!
photo dozenist

photo dozenist

Use A Night Time Mouth Guard – There are several different options for night time mouth guards ranging in price from about $15 to thousands of dollars. While over the counter mouth guards do work for a short period of time, they are not a long lasting solution. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to pay a dentist thousands of dollars to create one for you either. Believe it or not, you could get a great, long lasting mouth guard for around $200-$300 from several online sources.

Do Your Research – The best way to solve any problem is to increase your knowledge of that problem. So take a bit of time and do your research. Learn everything you can about the causes of and how you can prevent Bruxism. Here’s a great place to start!

Final Thoughts

If you suffer from bruxism, you could be causing a little damage to your smile each time you go to sleep. However, there are several ways that you can treat the underlying effects of bruxism and protect yourself even before grinding stops. So, do your research and protect your smiles ladies!

Guest Author: Lolita Di

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