Published On: Sat, Jan 26th, 2013

Bruce Boxleitner talks ‘Tron 3,’ ‘Tron Uprising’ and how he’s recognized

Bruce Boxleitner was out and about talking with science fiction fans, giving everyone an update on the next Tron film and his thoughts on “Tron: Uprising.”

Bruce Boxleitner still is uncertain on returning in the next "Tron" film

Bruce Boxleitner still is uncertain on returning in the next “Tron” film

Talking with Coventry Telegraph Boxleitner wouldn’t commit to an appearance in the next Tron film.

“I don’t know. They say yes, they say no. It’s way above my pay grade to be able to tell you that. It’s still a money-maker for them (Disney), and it’s still a great franchise. They announced it at San Diego Comic-Con, so I’m not speaking out of school here, but it’s in development, and development can take a while. We’ve got to get that creative team back again. I do know they’re working on the story concepts and stuff like that.”

The actor from the original “Tron” is now part of the animated series “Tron:Uprising” and gave some thoughts on that project as well.

“It does not insult you, and I think for very small children it will go right over their heads, but visually, I think it’s very exciting. I love the stylisation of it. I couldn’t have had a better chin made for me. I have the greatest chin! I could go through a wall with that chin! What I love about it is Tron has aged as Bruce Boxleitner has aged. He’s not the young Tron of the first movie; he’s a more battle weary, older, experienced version, which I am of my former self!”

When asked if his “Tron” role brings him the most recognition, the actor explains that the setting matters most.

“Certainly if I’m at San Diego Comic-Con, or at London Expo, then for genre fans, but to a certain age group of women I’ll always be Lee Stetson, the Scarecrow (in “Scarecrow And Mrs King”), and to Western fans I’m Luke Macahan from “How The West Was Won.” I’ve been very fortunate to do a lot of great genres, and play good characters in them. With the 30th anniversary of Tron, and with Tron: Uprising now reaching a whole new audience, I guess you could say Tron is the pre-eminent one now.”

Check out the entire interview here

For more information on “Tron: Uprising” click over to Disney XD here

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  1. Mark Hain says:

    The guy seems generally awesome but he must not get many requests for scifi conventions if he doesn’t even think to mention B5.. Which is sad because he was awesome and it was an awesome show!

  2. Commander Sheridan says:

    Dont forget his 4 years on Babylon 5. That show made him a csifi god equal to William Shatner.

    • j says:

      I miss Babylon 5. He is my favorite actor ever. He’s always had this humbleness about him in the characters he plays. Why did they cancel the toon just when things were getting very interesting.

      • Commander Sheridan says:

        I always want to say he is my favorite actor ever, but then I try to make up some excuse why he is just in my top 5.

        The show isn’t officially cancelled yet. But I agree, everything was getting very interesting. I didn’t realize Terminal was the season finale until after I watched it. Things are literally just starting. They spent the 1st season character building and now CLU shows up. This show is already great and season 2 is going to make it legendary.

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