Published On: Fri, Apr 20th, 2018

Brought Low When Up High: Construction Injuries are not a Game, You Need Serious Representation

Being a construction worker is a challenging, albeit rewarding career. On the one hand, you are part of a society of individuals that create the environment within which we all live and work, while on the other, you’re often exposed to hazards.

If you become the victim of a construction accident, the last thing you deserve is the additional pain that could come from seeking legal compensation. With a capable and experienced attorney in your corner, however, you can successfully navigate the murky waters of worker compensation and third-party claims without undermining your recovery process.

How can a construction accident lawyer help?

Most construction site accidents are caused by the negligence of the company or some individuals, which means that more likely than not, you will have the right to compensation. However, although workers’ compensation will pay for some losses and benefits, it usually never covers the full wages lost because of the accident, the pain and suffering caused, and other severe components of an injury claim.

The emotional and financial burden of medical treatments, unpaid wages, long-term care costs and diminished earning capacity can be immensely overwhelming. So, don’t wait until you are waist-deep in debt and on the verge of depression to hire an attorney. A good lawyer can protect you after a construction injury by investigating your case and helping you to pursue litigation against anyone whose wrongdoing played a part in your accident. With proper representation, you can get the compensation you deserve while avoiding the hassles that come with chasing after insurance and legal claims.

When to hire an accident attorney

The best time to get a lawyer is as soon as the accident occurs. In addition to meeting the deadline for filing an accident claim, contacting your lawyer sooner rather than later will get your medical bills and lost wages covered in time. Moreover, you will be giving the parties at the other end of your claim as little time as possible to build their case and twist the outcome.

Representatives of the construction or insurance company will be the first to knock on your door after an accident, but regardless of the number they propose, don’t sign anything before you consult your lawyer. An attorney will read the terms more attentively than you ever could, and ensure you get the settlement that’s in your best interest.

Getting the right lawyer for your case

Many attorneys will offer free consultations beforehand to determine if they can represent you. Before contacting a lawyer, be sure to have all the facts regarding your accident, including the extent of your injuries and all the losses incurred. Your lawyer will have an easier time determining the merit of your case and the best steps to take if everything is on the table.

More importantly, you will want to find a construction attorney that is well versed in the relevant liability laws and is known for their exemplary track record with similar cases. During the preliminary consultations, ask questions like how long the attorney has been practicing and how often they have dealt with construction-related cases.

A construction site accident claim can be a highly complex case. Your employer, insurance company and everyone else you’re suing will fight hard to ensure you get as little as possible. For this reason, the attorney you hire will make all the difference in the compensation you receive.

Author: Laura Brown

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