Published On: Thu, Sep 20th, 2012

Breitbart columnist attempts to guilt ‘Ron Paul voters’ into supporting the RINO ticket of Romney/Ryan

In one instance, of several recently, the GOP has sent out the forces in a total act of desperation to get their big government ticket elected this November, by trying to appeal to liberty-minded citizens.

Is Mitt Romney riding his way to the White House keeping the Tea Party around as a “lap dog”? photo donkeyhotey donkeyhotey.wordpress.com

First off, of course, anyone that believes in the country the founders set up, most importantly with the founding documents, obviously find Barack Obama a travesty and an enemy of free markets, peace and the Constitution. However, so was George Bush.

Breitbart.com columnist, Kurt Schlichter attempted to make a “constitutional” argument to supporters of Ron Paul, Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson and Constitution Party presidential candidate Virgil Goode by essentially saying the lesser of two evils is in some way significantly better than the more evil Barack Obama in his piece titled, get this, “Time for Ron Paul fans to support the Constitution”. Done laughing?

One of the first points Schlichter makes is one I’m up to my eyeballs tired of hearing– just what a staunch conservative VP candidate Paul Ryan is.

What Schlichter doesn’t get is that the voting block of libertarians, Constitutionalists and true traditional conservatives read, study and know the issues, and we all know that Paul Ryan carries with him an abominably big government voting record that can’t be changed no matter how much the media likes to say he is some disciple of Ayn Rand.

There is nothing libertarian-leaning, Constitutional or small government about voting for the Patriot Act or the Medicare Prescription Drug Act or sending troops into a country that in no way was a threat to us.

The Breitbart writer state Romney chose “Paul Ryan, who understands capitalism and its unbreakable link to human freedom.” Let’s see, voting for TARP and the auto bailouts is understanding capitalism? Well then Mr. Schlichter,you certainly have a different definition of capitalism than the “Ron Paul fans” you are courting.

You can say this is all ancient history or it’s not as bad as Obama and the Democrats, but we say that its equally as bad, if not worse, especially coming from someone who touts small government on the stump, but votes like a drunken sailor. At least it’s clear what Obama’s agenda is. Just a week or two ago, it was Mr. Ryan who voted for  $1.047 trillion in discretionary spending in 2013.

As far as Mr. Romney, who can really tell what he truly believes? He’s all over the place. However, one thing we know for sure, he did believe in government-run health care, at least at the state level.

Schlichter says the following later in his op-ed:

The Republicans are not libertarians, but at least libertarian-conservatives make up an influential and growing part of the party. There are exactly zero “libertarian-liberals.” Nor can there be; Democrats embrace everything libertarians oppose.

That’s why it’s silly to dismiss Romany as no different than Obama. Some wave off their obligation to choose with a cliché, that Romney is just “the lesser of two evils.”

Even if that’s true, the key is “lesser.” If you have to choose between encountering a hubcap thief and an axe murderer, you’d be a fool to shrug your shoulders and risk some face time with the dude with the hatchet.

This is no time to “make a statement” or pout that Ron Paul got treated badly in Tampa.

Make a statement or pout? Really, Mr. Schlichter? How about being principled in your beliefs, which the Romney/Ryan ticket would be hard-pressed to prove they are.

Yes, the “lesser of two evils is still evil” may be a cliché, but if a man or woman is principled in their beliefs, like the majority of the people you are trying to persuade, you cannot vote for the RINO ticket just because it’ll take us to that bad place a little slower. Remember, prior to Obama’s 4 year debacle, it was years of Republican rule that brought us $5 trillion in debt, lost rights and freedoms and some of the longest and unneccessary wars in the country’s history.

Later in the piece comes the guilt:

Don’t be the guy in 20 years who looks over his shoulder to make sure no policemen are listening and then says to his kids, “Back in 2012, I was mad because Ron Paul lost and then got disrespected. I loved the Constitution, but I was mad, and so I let the guy who hated the Constitution win. I’m sorry. I am so, so sorry.”

As I stated earlier, it has little to do with being disrespected, sour grapes or any similar reason. In fact, if you would do your homework, you too Mr. Schlichter would be hard pressed to come up with a better reason to vote for Romney/Ryan other than he’s not Barack Obama.

The GOP establishment, Fox News, et al have no one to blame but themselves for the selection of Mitt Romney. Didn’t Republicans go through something similar with John McCain 4 years ago?

Now you’re desperate because this is a horrible candidate that stands for nothing and you know he’s in trouble.

How do you expect to garner the votes of small government, liberty-minded voters when your ticket is the antithesis of what they believe?

Time for Ron Paul fans to support the Constitution? Unfortunately, they are the only ones that have been supporting the Constitution from the beginning.




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  1. Katia says:

    No matter the data says, Lil Za blames somebody else.

    s bassist on ”. scrutiny of auditors.

  2. Latoya says:

    I’m not sure exactly why but this site is loading incredibly slow for me. Is anyone else having this issue or is it a problem on my end? I’ll check back later on and
    see if the problem still exists.

  3. buddy flood says:

    ron paul is a great example(maybe the only example)of a politician that actually represents the people instead of big corporations.beware and be active against ANY politician that wants to PRIVATISE anything.what that means is they are going to turn it over to people that will make money,and steal from it!our government has sold us out to big oil,big military contractors,and big chemical companies.do some research on what the poisons they subject ALL of us to do to us!and the republicans want to “shut the doors”of the EPA!Free reign to poison land,air,and water!INSANITY!!!

  4. Patrick says:

    The Breitbart organization has notoriously worked to smear, discredit and destroy Ron Paul, and there is no depth to which they have not been willing to lower themselves to achieve that end. This includes smearing Paul as antisemitic and sub-human, to labeling anyone who supported him as a delusional moron.

    For them most especially, to come out now, with this condescending demand that we unite behind their candidate, “or else”, is an embarrassment to them, and to conservatism generally. It isn’t just a poorly worded, but well-intentioned message intended to unite political allies to win an important election. It is the absolute pinnacle of arrogance, and very much counterproductive to the end they wish to achieve, which is to unseat President Obama.

  5. Alex Snitker says:

    Exactly. This article is spot on. There is no guilting Ron Paul supporters into voting for Romney. AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN.

    Gary Johnson 2012. Romney is the one splitting the vote.

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