Published On: Fri, Jul 27th, 2018

Brand Your Band: Creating A Memorable Online Presence

Part of your band’s popularity will depend on your presence online. Think about your favorite bands and artists. Chances are you follow them online to catch the latest news on tour dates and album releases. It may seem daunting to create your own site and pages but it is essential to cultivating a loyal fan base. Identifying the image you want to project and the feelings you want associated with your brand will help you establish your band’s identity.

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Let Your Brand Speak to Your Band’s Personality


The first step in branding your band is to identify what you represent and how you want to project that image. Think about the personality of your band and the emotions listeners feel when they hear your band’s music. Is it the type of music that makes people want to dance, or is it geared toward creating a sense of calm. You can then design the band’s artwork based on the traits that speak to your band.


You want all your marketing materials including graphics and images to reflect your brand’s identity. When you have formulated your strategy for marketing your brand’s image, you can then implement it online on your website and social media platforms. If you want to see a good example of artist branding visit Bruno Mars’ website. He is known for his signature dance moves and gives visitors to the page a taste of them on his homepage. Throughout the site, you can see his personality shine forth in the photography.


Choose a Domain Name


When you are creating a website, choose a domain name that will resonate with your fans. The obvious choice is to opt for your actual band name in your address. This is a good idea because it enables fans to simply type in the band name to find your site. If you decide to choose another name, make sure it is memorable providing the least amount of hassle for those looking you up. It should somehow distinguish and represent your brand. Use the .com domain extension as this is the most commonly recognized.


Be Consistent Across All Platforms


Your brand will stick in your fans mind if it is repeatedly seen across all platforms. Use the same fonts and designs. Consistency will build recognition. Choose to feature your talents on social media platforms that are most frequented by your fan base. If your followers are younger, choose to target them on sites such as Instagram, Periscope, Twitter and Facebook. On periscope, you can live stream recording studio sessions to give fans a front seat to your private performances. Feature your concert schedule and have contests for free tickets. Just make sure your social media is an extension of your website with your branding clearly featured.


Liven Up Your Brand’s Image with Video


Part of your band’s appeal is in its ability to perform. You want to showcase this quality throughout your site. Feature videos of concerts and music videos on one of your tabs. Link them to social media to allow page visitors to quickly share them. This can increase your band’s visibility quickly. It is also a good idea to get a YouTube channel so you can easily share your latest creations.

Be Strategic about Implementing Your Band’s Identity  in Posts


Make sure you band’s personality shines through in your posts. Post content that is relevant to your fan base. Make sure you are frequently updating your pages. If you need help managing multiple platforms at once, you can turn to Hootsuite. It will help you identify the types of posts that gain the most traction. It will also pinpoint which sites are the most successful. This can help you figure out where you should focus and what areas are in need of development to cultivate an audience. When you know how you want to be perceived, work to ensure all you publish is consistent with the image you have in mind.


Listen to Feedback from Fans


Since you are in the entertainment business, your success depends on building a loyal fan base. If you take a look at Katy Perry’s twitter, she sends out tweets in various content forms. She features recent concerts and displays charitable outreach. She also retweets award nomination announcements and offers ways for fans to win tickets. If you notice, she posts multiple times a day maintaining constant communication with fans.


Twitter and other social media sites give you the opportunity to gauge your fan’s reactions and preferences. Monitoring social media can provide you with insight as you go about producing more work. You may choose to implement a certain style or sound because you see it resonates well with audience members. Fans like to feel they know you personally, and the internet offers you that line of communication.


Support Causes


Another way to put out a positive message online while spreading the word about your band is to advocate for worthy causes. If there is a need in your community, give the organization reaching out to help a shout out online. Pledge your own support by offering the proceeds from one of your songs to the organization for a day. This will show others you care about supporting those who need help. It will also gain you more support and increase your visibility.


Keep An Eye On Industry Trends

One way you can make sure you are staying up to date with content postings is by paying attention to the competition. As technology evolves, more tools will surface for featuring your brand online. Try to stay ahead of the competition by capitalizing on digital marketing in a unique way. Paying attention to trends can help you predict what your fans may want to see next.

Author: Clarissa Caouette

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