Published On: Tue, May 15th, 2018

Bowen’s Botches and Bodyslams: WWE Smackdown Live Results and Review May 15 2018

Tonight’s Smackdown Live is coming from The O2 Arena in London, England. WWE’s second event in as many nights in this venue. The card features a match between AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura, with the winner choosing the stipulation for the WWE Championship rematch at Money in the Bank.

Daniel Bryan in ring interview with Renee Young

The crowd chanting for Daniel Bryan in spite of Renee Young trying to initiate the interview with Bryan. She brought up his loss to Rusev, which brought us into a classic Bryan interview with him looking to fight his way to the top regardless of the odds. Queue Big Cass. Big Cass says he’s always going to be there to stop Daniel Bryan from achieving his dream, even invoing Bryan’s wife, Brie Bella. As Cass entered the ring mocking him, Bryan attacked. Bryan got the better of Cass with an assault on his previously injured knee that was finally ended by officals.

BodyslamBryan is so hot that you almost can’t go wrong with him. Cass was decent on the mic, but the material was mediocre. Bryan’s reactionary assault was great and gave everyone what they wanted to see.

Money in the Bank Tag Team Qualifying Match – New Day vs. The Bar

Winning team picks a member to go on to the Money in the Bank ladder match

Xavier Woods hits Flying Elbow and pin fall on Cesaro to pick up the win for New Day

BodyslamTwo of the best tag teams in WWE opening the shop well. Everybody thinks Xavier Woods is the weak link in New Day because he’s the smallest. He’s probably the most dangerous of all three. Great match, great finish.

Bludgeon Brothers promo

BotchAgain giving them too much to say and making them come off too cheesy. Let them be silent and scary.

Paige backstage

Paige starts on the phone with Carmella. Mandy Rose and Sasha Deville come to Paige about getting Deville her MitB qualifying match. Paige says Mandy’s match last week wasn’t a qualifying match. (It was totally promoted as one last week.) Tonight they will face Becky Lynch in a Triple Threat Qualifying Match. Every woman for themselves.

BotchRevisionist history sucks, even in pro wrestling. Horrible.

AJ Styles backstage interview with Renee Young

AJ Styles photo/wikimedia commons

BotchThey need to let AJ speak for himself. He’s good enough to do it, and responsible enough not to say something that will make Vince blow his top. He comes off unnatural with a script.

Andrade Cien Almas with Zelina Vega vs Jake Constantino

Almas wins with Hammerlock DDT and pinfall

BodyslamSquash match debut for Almas. No other way to do it, but it’s good to see him on the main roster. Vega wrecked the mic after the match.

Rusev Day backstage

Rusev is so over they can’t even get the crowd to boo by bashing everything they can about the people and the city. Lana arrives and announces she has a MitB qualifying match next week against Billie Kay. Then they will both go on to win the MitB contracts. Luckily it will be on Rusev Day.

BodyslamRusev is far too loved by the fans to be a heel. More forcing something that isn’t going to happen, but Rusev and English still perform well together. Bringing Lana fully into the Rusev Day fold is the right move.

A Royal Mellabration

BodyslamObnoxious and ostentatious and absolutely perfect.Of course a Staten Island Princess has a tiara hair tie. Carmella rocked the mic. Paige got a huge pop from the crowd, as did Asuka.

Renee Young backstage interview with Shinsuke Nakamura

Nakamura’s English has improved to the point where he is correcting Renee Young. It’s not a chance or possibility he will beat AJ Styles, it’s a certainty. He’s going to deliver the knee to the face until Styles face is broken.

BodyslamWithout the screwy endings, this has been a great feud. Nakamura is definitely owning the heel position and is doing it well.

Women’s Division Triple Threat Money in the Bank Qualifying Match – Becky Lynch vs. Mandy Rose vs. Sasha Deville

Becky Lynch locks the Disarmer on Mandy Rose for the submission victory

Botch I seriously yelled “Buncha crap!” when Becky Lynch locked in the disarmer. If they didn’t want Mandy Rose in the MitB match, they should have come up with something else last week. The match was good. What they just did to Mandy Rose wasn’t. Becky got that win she needed.

Shisuke Nakamura vs. AJ Styles

Winner chooses stipulation in Championship Rematch at Money in the Bank

Shinsuke Nakamura hits AJ Styles with the Kishasa and the pin

Bodyslam Another great match from these two. A lot of incredible moments. The finish was perfect with Nakamura playing mind games and getting the advantage and win.

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