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Bowen’s Botches and Bodyslams: WWE Smackdown Live Results and Review June 5 2018

Smackdown Live is at the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas this week, featuring a contract signing for Money In The Bank with AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura moderated by General Manager Paige, and Charlotte Flair facing off against Becky Lynch.



Show Opener with Smackdown Women’s Champion Carmella In Ring

Carmella keeps doing her math and runs the clips of Asuka being defeated by Charlotte and states she is ready for Asuka. It doesn’t take long for Asuka to come out to the ring. Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville come out, staking their claim to face Asuka. Carmella tries to push Asuka but Paige comes out to remind them all who runs the show. She gives Asuka a choice between Rose and Deville, and Asuka chooses both. Paige makes a handicap match, and it’s next.

BodyslamCarmella is flexing her muscle in her division like a real champion, and Paige is in full control of her show. Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville are getting better every week, and are proving why they deserve to be on the main roster.


Handicap Match – Asuka vs. Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville with Carmella on commentary

Asuka makes Sonya Deville tap out to the Asuka Lock. Carmella attacks Asuka after the match.

BodyslamA few awkward moments in the match, but overall well done. Rose and Deville are still newer to this and have room to improve, but they are improving. It worked out because Asuka did look like she outclassed them without making them look too bad.


The Miz in the Locker Room

Miz is practicing Miz-Jitsu in the locker room and is approached by Mr. Bootyworth and the New Day. New Day apologize for giving him a hard time and ask him to pick their representative in the MitB match by choosing a name from Mr. Bootyworth’s hat. After blindfolding Miz, they switch the hat to one full of pancake batter. Miz flings the batter all over himself, trying to fling it on New Day, and then wipes the rest on Mr. Bootyworth. Everyone else watching in the world was laughing, including Mr. Bootyworth.

BodyslamHow can anyone not laugh at Big E’s face as Miz’ hand goes in the pancake batter? This was a great segment from beginning to end.


Karl Anderson vs. Harper

Karl Anderson rolls up Harper for the surprise pinfall victory.

BodyslamA better match than I expected, even though it was short. The ending really came out of nowhere and surprised everyone. Well done.


Mixed Tag Team Match – Aiden English and Lana vs. Jimmy Uso and Naomi

Jimmy Uso lands a Superkick and pin on Aiden English.

BodyslamNot the most technical match, but it was fun and had some great moments. This amorphous angle involving The Usos and Naomi against Rusev Day and Lana is more of an ongoing spectacle than a feud, but makes for some fun moments.


Contract Signing with AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura moderated by Smackdown General Manager Paige

The contract signing is taking place backstage and Paige sets the scene. AJ Styles cuts down Nakamura’s games and declares he will be the one walking out of Money In The Bank as WWE Champion. After Styles signs the contract, Nakamura plays games over the pens. Stlyes slaps Nakamura in the face and says he’s got games too. Officials remove Styles and Nakamura signs the contract.

BodyslamPerfectly executed. Nakamura’s mind games are cracking Styles and may be the edge Shinsuke needs to be the Last Man Standing.

Charlotte Flair vs. Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch makes Charlotte Flair tap out to the Disarmer.

BodyslamThe tea time bit was probably too much, but watching the friendship start to break down along with Charlotte’s momentum was a great story to watch. This is why the Women’s Division in WWE is arguably the best content on the main roster. Charlotte and Becky were able to tell a story in the ring with more depth than what most of the men are doing.

Samoa Joe backstage interview with Dasha Fuentes

Bodyslam Samoa Joe drops another intellectually intimidating interview. Samoa Joe is probably the best promo in the business.


Big Cass on stage interview with Renee Young

BotchBig Cass is well spoken and smooth, but hasn’t really defined his character yet. This makes his promo a bit vapid, and comes off the heels of an excellent promo from Samoa Joe. This falls flat following Joe.


Sin Cara backstage interview with Dasha Fuentes

Sin Cara has known Andrade since he was fourteen years old and considered him like a brother. Then something happened. Zelina Vega takes it personally and comes out and tells Sin Cara he made Andrade weak. Sin Cara says that’s not true, and Vega asks why Andrade had her talk to Paige and get a match between them next week. Andrade Cien Almas then attacks Sin Cara from behind.

BodyslamA great step up in competition for Almas and television time for Sin Cara. Their match next week could be the highlight of the show. This segment worked great to make me excited for it.


The New Day (Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods) vs. The Miz, Samoa Joe, and Rusev

The New Day hit The Midnight Hour on The Miz and Big E scores the pin

BodyslamThis was an awesome match with everything anyone could want. The Miz made a mistake and threw pancakes on Samoa Joe and Rusev, and they in turn attacked Miz. So The Miz got beat up by everyone in the match at some point. And everyone looked great. The only one who comes out looking bad is The Miz. And that’s what everyone wants. A great match to end a show that tried to give fans what they want from beginning to end.

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