Published On: Wed, Mar 18th, 2020

Boomer Remover trends on Twitter as a nickname for the Wuhan Pandemic

Boomer Remover is a new trending nickname for the Wuhan Coronavirus, COVID-19, on Twitter last week and has fueled some divisions between age groups.

The term has appeared in more than 65,000 tweets and references the higher mortality rate among older people infected with COVID-19, which clearly targets people over 60, including the Boomer Baby age cohort approximately between the ages of 56 and 74.

The nickname is most often touted by teenagers, with adults then sharing the term on social media.

Here’s some examples:

“so a ton of places are closed because of this boomer remover virus but i still gotta work at 7/11 taking mysteriously wet pocket change from billy the s**t shoveler and his band of grease-covered goons for their steel reserve and pall malls every day? for $9 an hour? wack.” – @havrTTV


“If you think #BoomerRemover is an unearned hashtag remember who sold millennials and gen z into debt to wage war under false pretenses on credit and restricted basic rights to keep them in their place. F**k boomers” – @AmeliaMornings2


Check out some for yourself: https://twitter.com/search?q=boomer%20remover&src=typed_query

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“Heard like a 15 year old kid call corona the ‘boomer remover’ in line at the store and it’s had me on hard tilt all day,” reads one representative early usage. “Kids are so mean bro lol,” is example listed on Newsweek.

Newsweek addressed the one inflammatory name by attacking another: “Nicknaming COVID-19 the “Boomer Remover” began at the very end of February, with only a handful of social media mentions through the first week of March. One early example, posted by comedian Toby Muresianu of the Up Close & Political podcast, jokingly urged the use of “boomer remover” as a replacement for “Wuhan virus”—the name for the COVID-19 virus preferred by prominent conservatives and racists working to keep the blame focused on China.”


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