Published On: Thu, Aug 30th, 2018

Book review and interview: Dr James Robbins discusses his new book ‘Erasing America’

James Robbins’ new book “Erasing America” chronicles the assault on America’s history, from the national anthem to statues in public square to a call for open borders.

Robbins is tapping into the same nationalism that rallied supporters to President Trump with a detailed examination of these attacks from “the left.”

“I thought that quote was the perfect summation of their view of America,” Robbins begins in the exclusive interview with the Dispatch, referring to Michael Moore’s statement that “…a nation founded on genocide and built on the backs of slaves and maintained by the subjugation of women.”

“It’s strange to write a book to promote a positive view of America…you know, the kind of view of America we grew up with.”

Check out the full audio interview at the bottom.

“Erasing America” deals with many challenging topics: the reputation of Robert E. Lee, the banning crosses in buildings, to claiming “God bless you” is an Islamophobic micro-aggression, and physically smashing monuments of the Ten Commandments — Robbins dissects these recent events in major categories, but in amazing detail.

Robbins talks about healing from the past and this new wave of attacks is reopening closed wounds: “It used to be healed. That’s the interesting thing,” he explains, pulling out sections of his book to prove out the mission of America to move on from our darkest times, “…move on as a country,” but this new movement “wants to rip off that bandaid…re-open the wound.”

Through all of this research and horrible news, Robbins is incredibly optimistic, pointing to polls that show Americans don’t approve of these radicals’ beliefs or actions.

“Let’s not think this is a popular movement to tear down America,” he affirms.

Get a copy over at Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Erasing-America-Losing-Future-Destroying/dp/162157816X

Get  a copy directly from the publisher HERE

REVIEW REMARKS: “Erasing America” is an easy read, but a heavy one. It’s a fantastic synopsis of this battle between the Alt-left and America’s past, values and religious institutions. Robbins is thorough and methodical in adding pertinent quotes along the way as well as keep the focus solely on this “battle.”

He addresses the tribalism as the end of the interview, but many on the left will still see the book as a jab in the eye or a proverbial swat at a hornet’s nest…I personally see that as a cat which is not only out of the bag, but racing down the streets of America.

Perfectly timed ahead of the midterm elections, catching up Trump’s base on the recent events.

Enjoy accordingly.

Pepperdine students protesting Christopher Columbus statue
photo screenshot of YouTube clip

photo/ JW1805 wia wikipedia, public domain

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