Published On: Sun, Jan 27th, 2019

Book: ‘Racist Hate’ focuses on how Obama fanned ‘the flames of hate’ which is worse under Trump

The conversation on both sides of the political aisle – laden with overwhelming political correctness – is halting. The nation better wake up.  The conversation is no longer black and white.  Racist Hate, a book by T. R. Affatato, will get the job done: https://www.RacistHatesconsequences.com/Book/

Serial killers are often described as having high IQs: being charming, charismatic, and cunning; and fitting right into society. This description comes from psychologists, psychiatrists, and FBI profilers. The purpose of this book is to reveal in laymen’s terms that history is rife with serial killers who controlled and killed not only their own people but millions of other people around the world. These killers include emperors, kings, queens, mullahs, popes, and even today’s socialist leaders, dictators, and communist leaders. Their names are quite familiar, but any lessons that they’ve taught us seem to have been lost on society, especially in the sometimes unbearable rhetoric of America’s political elite and the daily vitriol that permeates America’s constant information feed—or rather disinformation feed—and relegates history to the trash heap.

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The human condition, as described by T. R. Affatato, has been a part of our DNA since the beginning of time. It is a condition of hatred and inhumane treatment of one another for millennia. Affatato lives in one of the world’s most culturally diverse cities, New York City, which gives him a unique perspective on the subject of racist hate. The child of Italian immigrants, Affatato grew up in the 1960s and 1970s surrounded by assassinations, the civil rights movement, Vietnam War demonstrations, race riots, and the constant threat of nuclear annihilation during the Cold War era. Affatato now is more than troubled about the current affairs and future of the United States of America. Affatato knows hate and racism very well, as readers will discover in these pages, and fears the onset of civil war. The fear is real and cannot be overlooked. However, the real culprit in all of this hysteria is the human species.

The Author:
T. R. Affatato served in the U. S. Army and pursued a career in mechanical contracting and as a union contractor in New York City. He is disturbed by the vitriolic rhetoric of today and fears for the future of America. In this book, he offers anecdotal medicine that may be hard to swallow but is sorely needed.
He highlights how a civil war that began with blacks and law enforcement is now threatening to spread to society at large, how President Obama fanned the flames of hate, and how we learn to hate.
The author explores how President Donald J. Trump has set off the worst firestorm of vitriolic hate that our nation has ever seen, not just splitting the country into political factions, but outright enemies.
Join the author as he sparks a serious and realistic conversation about the issues we must solve if we’re to move forward as a nation. RacisthatesConsequences.com

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