Published On: Wed, Jan 25th, 2017

Bolshoi’s ‘The Sleeping Beauty’ is a ‘must see’

Fathom Events partnered with Bolshoi Ballet to bring their 2017 live performance of Tchaikovsky’s “The Sleeping Beauty” to theaters around the world.
While the theater audience awaited the beginning of the ballet, the hostess led a tour of the refurbished theater. It’s gold trimmed, red velvet opulence was the perfect setting for Tchaikovsky’s classic.
The Bolshoi Theater dancers, in rich costumes, bring to life this beloved fairy tale. The king and queen hold a christening for their first child, the princess Aurora. The evil fairy Carabosse, left off the guest list, arrives amidst the good fairies besting gifts on the princess. For revenge, Caraboose curses the child to prick her finger on a spindle on her sixteenth birthday and die. The powerful Lilac fairy is able to change the curses from death to a 100 year sleep from which the princess will be woken by the kiss of a prince. 
On her sixteenth birthday a cloaked and disguised Caraboose gives Aurora a spindle. As she curiously explores the strange object she pricks her finger and collapses. 100 years pass as she lays in the sleeping castle covered in vines and brambles. Prince Desire is led to the castle by the Lilac fairy where they together defeat Caraboose. He awakens Aurora and the curse is lifted. 
Tchaikovsky’s music flows through the dancers as though the music alone moves their limbs. For the ballet lover, this production is a must see. The Bolshoi’s sumptuous staging with its luxurious sets and costumes gives life to Perrault’s fairytale unlike any other.
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