Published On: Fri, Mar 20th, 2020

BodyFx Explains the Benefits of Dancing for Weight Loss

Whether it’s a New Years’ resolution or a recent decision, there are many reasons to get healthy and lose weight. The question, though, is what the best way is? Part of the equation is diet, and part is exercise. The ins-and-outs of a proper diet depend on a variety of criteria, and, for that matter, so do your workouts. If your goal is to lose weight, you are going to want to do specific kinds of exercises to optimize those sorts of results. One such workout is dancing. Here are some of the benefits of dancing for weight loss.

Dancing Helps You Burn Calories and Fat for Weight Loss

As with other types of cardio exercise, dancing helps you burn calories and burned calories lead to weight loss. Or what leads to weight loss is using more calories than you consumer—but burning more calories is a good step in that direction. 

High-intensity cardio, like the kind you do with BodyFx, is an especially effective way to burn more calories. And one of the best things about dance-based workouts is that they’re so fun you can do them without even noticing how hard you’re working or how many calories you’re burning.

photo/ Adina Voicu

Dancing is Good for Your Cardiovascular System

BodyFx dance-based workouts raise your heart rate and keep it there for extended periods. Doing so is the best way to strengthen your cardiovascular system, including your heart. 

A strong cardio system plays a critical roll in your overall health. Aside from the fact that it’s necessary to live, your heart is also responsible for a range of other benefits from giving you energy, helping your appearance (and the appearance of your skin), and simply helping how you feel daily. When you begin to strengthen your cardio system, one of the first things you will notice is how much easier it easy to perform daily functions like walking up stairs or moving around your office. That, plus you will have much more energy.

Dancing is Good for Your Respiratory System

The next primary body system that dancing helps is your respiratory system, which includes your lungs. Your heart and lungs go hand in hand, and often strengthening one helps the function of the other. When doing BodyFx dance-based workouts, in the beginning, you will undoubtedly feel some burning in your lungs as you have fun dancing. This is nothing to worry about! It merely means that you are headed in the right direction. As you get in better and better shape, you will notice that breathing as you do your dance moves will get increasingly easier. This means your lungs are getting stronger and improving their ability to carry oxygen throughout your body.

Dancing Can Reduce Stress

Cardio exercises like BodyFx dancing can help reduce stress both by burning off excess energy that you might feel at the end of the day and by helping you sleep better.

One of the main ways that stress can accumulate and become detrimental in the body is via lack of sleep. And one of the best ways to ensure you get enough sleep is by exercising your body with dance-based workouts during the day.

Dancing Will Make You More Confident

Finally, dance-based workouts like BodyFx will increase your confidence both during the day and while you do other exercises. Suddenly when you know you look better and feel you can move better, you will find yourself doing more active things that burn even more calories. It’s a snowball effect! 


Now that you know some of the benefits of dancing for weight loss, what are you waiting for? Go to BodyFx today and find your next workout!

Author: Jacob Maslow

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