Published On: Thu, May 29th, 2014

Bob Beckel blows a gasket on ‘The Five’, nobody can answer his questions

There is typically little I agree with Fox News’ “The Five” left wing host Bob Beckel on; however, on yetserday’s show, I believe Beckel did ask two importnat questions that Eric Bolling, Dana Perino, Kimberly Guilfoyle or O’Reilly Factor flunkie, Jesse Watters could answer.

US Black Hawk helicopter DoD photo by Capt. Peter Smedberg, U.S. Army. (Released)

US Black Hawk helicopter DoD photo by Capt. Peter Smedberg, U.S. Army. (Released)

The topic was President Obama’s, apparently controversial commencement address at West Point and the gang beat up Obama and later on Beckel, one who stands strongly behind the current commander-in- chief.

However, a couple of times Beckel called on his more interventionist co-hosts to be specific about things that should and could be done. Here is an excerpt:

First Guilfoyle plays the typical FNC “you’re not a patriot if you’re not behind all these wars” attitude by saying, “But how disrespectful to the troops that have served and died, by just saying, oh, we’re weary, we’re going to pull out. What is that?”

Beckel rightly responded, “That’s what the American people want.” Guilfoyle responded by saying that Americans are not quitters. She goes on in the same vein, ” Don’t disrespect their service, Bob. Finish the job and do it right.”

Then came Beckel’s first unanswered, but perfectly needed question–“What if it goes about 20 more years?” 

I ask, Or how about 30 or more? Is it possible that it can’t be won? If we leave 50 years from now, if the dollar hasn’t collapsed by then, won’t the Taliban just return to power at that point. We would require a decent sized military presence for infinity and beyond.

“Finish the job” came up again, this time by Eric Bolling, not saying how. Then a gasket-blown Beckel got into a back-and-forth with Jesse Watters, another Fox News guy like Bolling that promotes this kind of stuff as long they don’t have to don a uniform.

After a clip by General Michael Hayden it goes like this:

BOLLING: If you paid attention to that sound bite, General Hayden is saying we’re going to end up with another Iraq if we do what President Obama is suggesting.

BECKEL: What was General Hayden suggesting, we stay in Iraq for 20 more years?

BOLLING: Finish the job.

BECKEL: Finish the job? They finished the job supposedly. We shouldn’t have been in there in the first place, but we were. And now what’s happened? The thing is fallen apart?

WATTERS: No, it’s fallen apart because we don’t have any soldiers on the ground. No one is saying you want a combat mission in Iraq. No one is saying you want a combat mission in Iraq. You leave 10,000, you leave 20,000 troops to have leverage against Iran, to interrupt flows of arms to Syria, to prevent a civil war there, to give confidence to the Maliki government, to make sure that the factions don’t shoot each other because all the blood and sacrifice that our guys wasted there is not for nothing. So, Fallujah doesn’t go to al Qaeda.

Leverage against Iran? Didn’t we have that when Saddam was in power. Since his execution, Iran knows they have a free-for-all.

So Fallujah doesn’t go to al Qaeda? Again, al Qaeda was never an issue when Saddam ran his country, he’d never allow it.

Clearly Hussain was a horrible human being; however, Iraq was never a threat to the US. We (our government) changed the reason for being in Iraq several times, one after the other after each one fell apart. He did keep Iran in check and we even supported him for that.

The relatively heated roundtable went back to Bolling talking about finishing the job plus two more unanswered Beckel questions:

BOLLING: Bob, you and I see eye to eye a lot of things when it comes to war, whether we should get involved in Syria. We agree we both should. Russia, we both agree. However, finishing a job we started, there is a lot to be said..

BECKEL: How long?Unanswered question #2

BOLLING: — as long as it takes to make sure al Qaeda doesn’t creep back in and put them back to where they were, before we spent $2 trillion.

BECKEL: So, you want to put a military base in the Anbar province? Is that what you want to do?

PERINO: That’s not. I don’t think anybody is suggesting that.

BECKEL: What are you suggesting?Unanswered question #3

Either they can’t answer Beckel’s questions or they won’t because they don’t want to be on the record saying something totally ridiculous.




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