Published On: Mon, Feb 2nd, 2015

Blogging Can Help the Customer Base for Your Physical Therapy Clinic

Search engines love engaging content that is updated regularly and relevant to readers. A typical clinic’s blog contains all the information needed by clients to make an appointment, establish contact and find out about products and services. However, most clinic websites don’t take the extra step needed to ensure success by adding a blog. According to Patient Sites by Metamor Group, maintaining a professional blog establishes authority and visibility for your clinic. Maintaining a blog drives traffic to your site, and your blog acts as an advertisement for your clinic around the clock. Knowing the difference between a static blog and a dynamic website can drastically increase your customer referrals and sales revenue.

Difference Between Static and Dynamic Websites

Your clinic should contain both static and dynamic content. Static content doesn’t change very often, and it usually contains information about your services, clinic location, hours of operation and information about your staff. Dynamic content engages your clients, brings in customers and helps to establish you as an authority in your niche. A blog adds a dynamic aspect to your site by encouraging comments, increasing social shares and starting a two-way conversation with your clients.

Photo: MoD/MOD

Photo: MoD/MOD

How Often to Post

According to Brian Watson on Adobe’s Digital Marketing Blog, bloggers should post on a consistent schedule for the greatest increase in traffic. This means that if you decide to post once a month, make sure you post on the same day each month. Also, provide useful content to increase the odds that others will share your post. Posting more regularly will increase your traffic. The important thing is to decide on a posting frequency and keep it consistent. If you go from posting once a week to once a month, you lose the trust of your followers when people are expecting a post that you don’t deliver.

Posting Establishes Credibility

With the high number of physical therapy clinics available on the market, people have a choice in the clinic they choose. Clinics that post regularly show their potential and current clients that they are dedicated. A few thoughtful and helpful posts a week instills trust, and blogging shows clients that you take your work in helping others seriously. The blog builds your brand, and makes patients believe that you have an active and thriving clinic. Clinics that only have a basic website seem sterile and lacking in personality.

Learning About Your Patients

Regular posting helps you learn more about your patients by opening up a two-way conversation with your clientele. If you post regularly, you can start to track how well a particular blog post is received. You may find that posting about a particular service garners little to no response. Alternatively, some of your topics may be picked up and shared much more than others. By learning about your client-base, you can begin to tailor your posts to what your clients want. This increases your clinic’s relevance and visibility.

Blogging doesn’t have to become a full-time job. Many clinics neglect to add a blog because they feel they don’t have the time to post on a regular basis. However, with just an hour or two each week, you can create a simple blog post that will increase your customer base, improve your reputation and establish your clinic as a leader. Another option to save time is to spend a few hours once a month to write out all your blog posts for the month.

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