Published On: Sun, Nov 4th, 2018

Bitmex: A Revolution in Cryptocurrency Trading

Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange popularly known as BitMEX is the name of active, lively and flourishing platform where users from across the world are actively trading their cryptocurrencies.

It is becoming the most profound and awesome platform for people to cement their finances by dealing in an environment which is transparent and secure as proper care has been taken for the smooth conduct of operations.

Yes, it can be easily accessed by people. It gives quite a clear reflection about the eagerness from people who have a farsighted approach of dealing in a valuable transaction which has pleasant change in future.

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Will the platform helps me to learn and earn, as I am still a beginner??

Well, obviously, as a novice, you will find BitMEX as an awesome, pleasant and refreshing change which will keep you motivated to learn, provided that you are serious and have enough zeal and enthusiasm to make it big life.  Similarly, many learned individuals have already started to taste their sweet success with BitMEX by being responsible and accountable in their approach, and you can too.

Like-minded people from across the world are working together

A sprawling and state of the art move which can seemingly give you awesome way, thanks to the leverage set by BitMEX. But, as one says, that with power and benefits come even greater responsibility. Yes, you have to control your nerves and not to get it influenced while looking at profits. The basic attention needed here is that, you can’t simply make a move without knowing the detailed scenario. Yes, your knowledge, information and capabilities can do the trick here, but if you have half baked knowledge, then you might land up in jeopardy. Do you know that your right decision can actually do wonders? So you should know how to margin trade on bitmex the right way.

Tips to Adhere

BitMEX needs your skills to be put at perfect order and that’s exactly you need to empower yourself with. It is certainly not a game, where your “chance” or “luck” will come to your rescue. You need to immediately do the following as these are few yet important tips which can escalate your finances, like the way you always want.

  • Think with a free mind
  • Don’t let the pressure of others overpower you
  • Never makes moves without knowing the detailed information
  • Never copy the actions of others
  • Never envy your competitors.

The sudden popularity of BitMEX can also be attributed where Kraken is really underperforming and its future looks very uncertain and can potentially collapse. Considering the reports emanating of an uncertain future, even the present transactions with Kraken have been badly affected as well.

BitMEX may not be considered as versatile, as exchanges such as Kraken were regarded. Users can access Bitcoin/JPY (XBJ), Bitcoin/CHY (XBC), and Bitcoin/USD (XBT) markets. Apart from this, users can also deal with alternate markets in the form of Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP).

Having said that, it comes with awesome and profound features, something which may well lit your face with excitement and keep you motivated, where you can access the demo feature.  Well, it is always safe, sound and advisable to make use of the demo, in order to popularize yourself for the BIGGEST MOVE OF YOUR LIFE, which you will be making. Likewise, use the feature of demo, which will empower and make you confident about the future dealings in a practical world. Isn’t it?

Dealing with fiat currency? Provide identity proof

Security and safety measures which go towards protecting the rights of the users are always welcomed. Isn’t it? Likewise, you need to provide your identity paper work, especially if you are either withdrawing or depositing fiat currency. Otherwise, for normal dealings, all you need to do is to fund your account with crypto, and that’s how you can start dealing.


So, looking at the overall scenario, the complete picture of an active transaction is a proof that users from different parts of the world have the same aim and are joined together for it. They are equally motivated to use their skills and information in the right manner to get the leverage. BitMEX indeed offers a true and awesome facility for people with right mindset, who believes that skills and information when invested in a constructive manner can help reap fruits. Yes, an awesome gateway to be a proud spectator of finance increasing manifolds. In the process, you need to be very cautious and control your nerves, and never let your emotions dictate you too.

Author: Sourabh Sharma

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